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7 Quick Money Tips to Online Writing

Are you an article writer, blogger or maybe an e-book writer?  If so, how long does it take you to write? Do you wish that you could write quicker, but without having to compromise the quality of your work? Remember Time = Money!

If you are looking to make money using one of these methods there are several different approaches that you can use to write quicker, while keeping the quality of your work the same or even improving it. Just a few of these methods, seven to be exact, are outlined below.

(1)        Comfort – If you would like to write quicker, you need to find a setting that you feel comfortable in. In addition to actually feeling comfortable, you need to be comfortable. Whether you want to work from your bed, the beach or by the pool, you are advised to do so. You are also urged to dress comfortably. When writers are comfortable, they can not only work quicker, but also produce better work. 

(2)        Distractions – All distractions need to be eliminated. Although this may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be. For instance, if you are a work-at-home parent, you can try sending your child to daycare, even if it is only one day a week. You can also try working during nap times or even at night, after your child has gone to sleep.  The elimination of distractions is a great way to write quicker.  In fact, it is also known to reduce or completely eliminate the chances of developing writers block.

(3)        Typing – Do you consider yourself to be fast at typing? If you type less than fifty words per minute (wpm), you may want to think about taking an online typing class. One of the many problems that e-book writers face is that their fingers don’t go as fast as their minds do. Once your typing improves to a quicker speed, you may notice a significant improvement in the amount of time that it takes you to write.

(4)        Outlines – If you are an e-book writer who currently doesn’t use an outline, you may want to think about doing so. Outlines are relatively easy to develop and they have an unlimited number of benefits. One of those benefits is that you know exactly what to write and how to write it.  This means that you can just focus on writing and not necessarily thinking about your next step. This, alone, can save you a considerable amount of time. 

(5)        Spell Check – Spell check, without a doubt, is important to any e-book, article or blog. That is why it is important that you do it, but you may want to write first and spell check later. If you use a program like Microsoft Word, all of your misspelled words will be highlighted and waiting for you. For that reason, you are advised to wait until the end, doing so will eliminate small breaks; breaks that may bring on a case of writer’s block.

(6)        Proofreading – As with spell checking, proofreading is extremely important.  Many e-book authors like to proofread after writing a chapter or a paragraph. If possible, you are urged not to do this. You may want to write now and proofread later. Once you get on a roll with writing, you may not want to stop. In the end, you may find that it results in you being able to finish your work quicker.

(7)        Time – You are advised to not worry about time. Even if you are on a deadline, you are urged to take your time and not think about it. Worrying about just how much time it takes you to write will have a negative impact on your work. In fact, it is likely to result in more mistakes. Those mistakes take time to fix. If you are looking to write quicker, you should try focusing on your writing, rather than time itself. You may be surprised just how much it helps!

The above mentioned quick writing tips are just a few of the many that exist. As you likely already know, what works for someone else, might not work for you. With that in mind, you are still advised to give the above mentioned approaches a try. What do you have to lose? Writing faster is a lot easier than many people think. If you put your mind to it, you could be writing faster in no time at all and if you are just writing ad copy or blog article for your online business this will help you make more money quickly.

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5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks

These are super easy to pull off, yet so effective you’ll be kicking yourself for not using them sooner…

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Hacks

LinkedIn: See Restricted LinkedIn Search Results

When you search for people on LinkedIn, you might not see the search results you’re looking for. This is because results can be restricted based on your membership level.

But there is a way around this…

The majority of LinkedIn profiles are indexed on Google.

Thus all you have to do is search Google to find what you’re looking for, like this:

Site:linkedin.com “name of person”

And let’s say you’re looking for social media managers in New York. Type this into Google:

Site:linkedin.com//pub “social media manager” New York

Now you can find the information LinkedIn is hiding from you.


Twitter: Send Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters

No, I don’t mean send readers to another site to see what you have to say. We’re going to keep our readers right there on Twitter by doing this:

Send out your tweet just like normal, ending it with a (…) or a cliffhanger.

For example,

“Did you know you can send out a Tweet that’s longer than 140 characters? First you tweet like usual. Then…”

Reply to your own tweet from your own stream. Seriously. Remove your @name so you don’t look like you’re talking to yourself (which would be weird!) Like this:

“…you reply to your own tweet in your Twitter stream. Remove the mention of your name and finish your tweet.”

Visitors see either tweet in your stream, click on ‘view conversation’ and see the full length tweet.

Facebook: Reduce Attack Posts and Salty Comments

The Internet can be a rowdy place, especially in social media. But if you go to the Page Moderation section of Page Settings, you’ll get some relief.

Simply enter common inflammatory words such as “unlike,” “clickbait,” “idiot” and so forth. Then when a banned word is used, the comment will be hidden from the general public.

The comment still appears to the person who left it who is none the wiser. And their friends will be able to see it as well, but no one else.

You can also hide comments from trolls after they’re posted. The troll will still see the comment, so unless he compares his account with someone else’s he’ll never know the comment is hidden.

And it’s better than deleting the comment and banning the troll, since they’ll then email you and complain you’re stepping on their freedom of speech.

YouTube: Research What Viewers Want

It can be difficult to move viewers off of YouTube and onto your website. But now you can use YouTube cards to poll your audience and find out what they really love.

Ask the right questions and you’ll discover what will make them go to your website and opt-in to your mailing list. Then simply present them with the strong call to action they need, and they’re yours.

Any Social Media Platform: Vastly Increase Your Social Media Followers

Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S) is basically forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other people in your niche.

You post each other’s content with a reference back to them. Sort of like emailing your list to tell them about another email marketer (also called a solo ad) only it’s done reciprocally on social media. And it costs nothing because you are doing it for each other.

But what if you’re new to the platform? If you have social clout on other platforms, you might do a cross promotion in which you promote them on your established platform and they promote you on your new platform. And the best thing about this technique is it works on any social media platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth.

There you have it – 5 genuine social media hacks that can make a real difference in your marketing. Pick your favorite and start using today.

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How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps

Blog Posting is Easy Money Because…

Believe it or not, but it’s actually possible to make money from blogging. One teenager has, in fact, earned $5,000 a month just from making posts on his blog!

Keeping people interested in your blog, whether it is a business or personal blog, is key to attracting a lot of regular visitors. Many blogs have died because people have just lost interest. The main reason for the lack of interest is simply a lack of posts by the blogger. Regular, frequent posting, which will boost your blog’s ranking in search engines, is essential to the survival of any blog and an excellent source of passive income.

You might be asking yourself, what is frequent posting? How many blog entries should I make on a given week? How do I make frequent consistently good posts? What are the reasons for me to post frequently? Let’s get after it right now…

What is frequent posting?

Frequent blog posting is posting enough to keep your readers interested. Obviously, people will not want to come back to a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. They want to see consistent posting so that they know coming back to check the blog next week to see if there are more posts won’t be a waste of time.

How many blog entries should I make each week?

This is one of the tougher questions to answer. It really depends on the purpose of your blog. If it’s a personal blog, a weekly or twice weekly update is an excellent idea. A political/sports/music/religion blog should have 3-4 posts per week. Business blogs should have at least 2 posts, but preferably 4 each week, something like every other day if possible.

The thing to remember is that quality counts. Posting frequently just for the sake of posting frequently tends to result in subpar posts which people won’t care about. It is important to find a balance—frequent, quality posts that won’t result in burnout on your part but enticing people to read your blog. Why create 4 poor quality posts each week when you could post 2 quality posts per week and get results from your business blog?

How do I create quality postings on a consistent basis?

It’s all about following a consistent pattern of writing. Maybe you’re not a natural writer and this is difficult. That’s why we’ll give you an outline to help you. Of course you can always outsource but perform your due diligence first. Remember you want quality information.

1.         Pick a topic that is interesting to you and to your readers. Maybe if your blog is a business blog, you could write about the latest happenings in affiliate marketing.

2.         Carefully think about what you’ll write about the topic. It makes it easy to make quality blog postings if you know exactly what you’ll write. Plot out everything about the post before even beginning to write it.

3.         Before writing your content, pick out some keywords that are relevant to your blog. If you naturally use keywords throughout your post, you will please search engine spiders which will get your blog ranked higher on search engines. Your visitors won’t mind the use of keywords if they are used in a tasteful way.

4.         Begin writing your post. Don’t limit yourself to a particular amount of words per se but I always shoot for a minimum of 500 words. Just do what’s natural. And if any blog post is hard for you, just take a timeout and relax. You should be able to finish the post a bit later on, after you’ve had some time to think things through, you should be able to finish the post with no problems.

Why is frequent posting important?

Blogs are meant to be outlets for individuals or businesses. They are used to get an opinion out on something and to engage readers. Readers need to have something that makes them want to keep coming back to a blog. That something is usually quality, frequent posts.

Gaining and maintaining visitors isn’t the only reason to post often in your blog. Catching the eye of a search engine—and achieving a high ranking—is another valid reason for posting frequently. Most likely, each posting in your blog features some keywords or keyword phrases scattered throughout it. Logic says that the more natural keywords you have on a blog, the better. Thus, the more posts you make on your blog, the more keywords you have on there. And the more keywords you have, the more likely a search engine bot is to crawl your site. The more your site is crawled by bots, the more likely it is that you will have a high ranking on a search engine.

Start monetizing your blog today but it is important to keep in mind that the amount of money you are capable of making depends on how many visitors your blog draws. If you draw a lot of visitors, you’ll make a lot of money. If not, the money you earn will be modest. But it’s still extra money, so why not do it!

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps

This Subject Line Increases Opens 61.8%

20 Hot Tips for Hot Subject Lines that Get Opened

Obviously if the subject line of your email doesn’t get the open, it’s all over. No clicks. No sales. No anything. But with the right subject line, you can get your readers to open and devour your emails. Here then are 20 eye-opening tips for subject lines that get results…

This Subject Line Increases Opens 61.8%

Short is better

40% of emails are opened on mobile, and they’ll get cut off if they’re too long. Aim for 50 characters or less.

Another reason shorter is better – it’s more eye-catching. Compare these two subject lines and ask yourself which would catch your eye:


“Warning, that early morning habit of yours might be causing a serious problem”

For the best of both worlds, consider this… with most email programs, you can place “Warning!” in the subject line, and use “That early morning habit of yours might be causing a serious problem” as the first line of the email, which will show up as preview text.

As always, test.

Still don’t believe that shorter is better?

According to Contact Monkey, subject lines with 3 or more words are opened 15% less than those with 1-2 words.

Don’t get cute

Some emailers like to begin their subject lines with “fw:” because they believe it increases open rates. But according to Convince and Convert, it actually reduces opens by 17%.

However, Contact Monkey also reports that the top five subject lines in their recent study all included “Re:” This just goes to show you the importance of testing.

Create urgency

Subject lines that evoke a sense of urgency and exclusivity receive a 22% higher open rate, according to Email Institute. Use deadlines such as “today only” and “12 hour giveaway” to encourage readers to act now.

Do NOT use the word “newsletter”

A study from Adestra found that email subject lines containing the word “newsletter” received an 18.7% decrease in open rates.

Why? Maybe because recipients think it will take too long to read, or they can always read it later; which of course they seldom do.

Use the person’s name in the subject line

Yes, it’s an old school trick. And yes, for a while it seemed like it wasn’t working as well as it did.

But these days, people get so many emails that once again having this little bit of personalization can make a difference. In fact Adestra found that personalized subject lines were 22.2% more likely to be opened.

Just don’t do it every time or it will lose its effectiveness.

Words to avoid –

“Meeting” reduced opens by 7% according to Sidekick.
“Quick” reduced opens by 17%.
“You” reduced opens by 5%.

Words to use –

“Tomorrow” increased opens by 10% according to Sidekick.
“Free” increased opens by 10%.

Test to find the right sender name

If the recipient doesn’t recognize the sender name or doesn’t have a positive association to it, the email likely won’t get opened. If your business name implies a benefit “Your Best Body” then try sending from that name, as well as “Joe Smith, Your Best Body” and your full name “Joe Smith.” See which one gets the most opens and then stick with that.

Never use noreply@yoururl.com as your sender name

It creates a terrible impression, looks anything but personable, and prevents recipients from adding it to their address book.

Use list segmentation

You don’t want to send news of your children’s clothing sale to a guy who only purchased men’s work shirts. Personalize each person’s experience according to the action they’ve taken – which list they’ve joined and which product they’ve purchased.

Who says you need a subject line?

According to Sidekick, emails with no subject line were opened 8% more than those with a subject line. But use this trick sparingly, if at all. And remember, preview text will be visible, so make it good.

Make readers feel like they’re on the inside

The psychology of exclusivity is a prime motivator. Give your subscribers a sense of belonging to your group, your tribe or your inside circle.

In other words, make them feel special with subject lines like this:

– “An exclusive offer just for you”
– “My personal gift to you”
– “For members only, you’re invited!”
– “Private: For beloved customers ONLY.”

3 words to use

Using the words “Sale,” “Video” or “New” in subject lines boost open rates.

Don’t bait and switch

Any promise made in the subject line needs to be fulfilled in the email.

For example, don’t put “27 Free Ebooks” in your subject line, and then try to sell them 27 Ebooks which will ‘seem like they’re free because they’ll make you so much money.’

I’ve actually received this email – and unsubscribed because of it.

Tell them what’s inside – and make it good

Did they just join your list to get a free book? Then your subject line might be, “Your new ebook inside!”

Are you announcing a new service that is perfect for them? “Joan, this service is tailor-made for you.”

Use numbers

“Increase your traffic 200%” is better than “How to increase your traffic.”

Use action verbs

Think of a subject line as a call to action – you want the language to inspire people to click on the email. By starting with an action verb, you’ve got a much greater chance of motivating them to click.

For example, which of these stimulate you to want to know more… “Notice: The New Nissans are here” or “Drive a Brand New Nissan Today”?

“Daily’ and “Weekly” in subject lines boost open rates

But the word “Monthly” hurts them, according to Adestra.

Oh yes…

The subject line word that increased opens by 61.8% according to Adestra?

Believe it or not, it’s the word “alert.”

Again, don’t over use it, but instead reserve it for those times when it really, really counts.

You motivated your readers to open your email with a great subject line, but now what?

It’s all about your first sentence. And your second, and your third… You’ve heard how the purpose of the first sentence in a sales letter is to get them to read the second, and the second is to get them to read the third. Treat your emails the same way, like every sentence counts. Because it does.

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Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes to Make Money

Email marketing can be very effective for promoting your online business. It can be a little tricky though and it is easy to make some common email marketing mistakes if you don’t know the right methods to use.

This can be frustrating for you as an email campaign will cost you money, yet not generate any additional sells for you. Here are some common email marketing mistakes and pitfalls you need to be aware of. It will make your marketing strategies more effective and hence make you more money.

Potential customers want to feel like they are a person to your business, not just a statistic. Take the time to address each email personally or make sure they can reach you personally if they have any questions. Always follow up with your customers in a timely manner as giving great customer service will go a long way. You will also get a much better response then something addressed to ‘Dear Customer”. Don’t use dollar signs in your email marketing campaign. It is a turn off to consumers who view it as you only want their money. Try and avoid using email marketing during the Holidays unless you are offering a Holiday special for your customers. Customers are flooded with them and yours won’t stand out. People are too busy and stressed to relax and read email that is not personal or important at this time of year. Let’s just say it is a risk and may not be the best use of your marketing time.

Customers don’t have a lot of patience! Your email message SUBJECT needs to jump out at them the moment they see it so they will want to open it. Put the most enticing information first with the other details further down. They are more likely to read the entire email message if you get their attention from the start, as each consumer is different. If you are using an html in your email don’t assume the email will open up the same in every type of email service. You will need to test it out for each popular email service. Always give the consumer the option of opening the email in either html or plain text.

Confidentiality is very important to your customers and potential customer. Make sure your email sign up clearly states that you will not sell their information and that it will be kept confidential and secure. You will be surprised how many people won’t sign up for your email promotions or give you their email address if you don’t offer this bit of information. There are rules and regulations out there regarding what you can

and can’t do when it comes to email marketing. Make sure you are familiar with those laws and never spam anyone. Laws can vary by country so if you do global marketing make sure you check the regulations for each area you will be sending them to. Failure to do so can lead to huge fines or removal of your online business.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what your customers want. If you really want to know what they are after then take the time to ask. Be open to their comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns. As mentioned before letting them know you are available for such customer service is a great way to earn their loyalty. It is easy to sell something to a consumer but much harder to please them so they will come back again and again.

If you are new to email marketing, consult with a professional or a mentor. This will make the entire process flow easier for you as well as yield better results. Are you afraid to spend a large amount of your revenue on marketing? Consider working with an email marketing broker/consultant. This means you only pay them for the actual positive results the email marketing campaign brings you. They will be paid based on the traffic they generate for your site or the amount of new sales resulting from the email marketing campaign. Make sure whatever method you choose it is clear to both parties and in writing. Make sure the time frame that you will receive your traffic and how it is tracked is clear. I could write another article on how and who to pay for solo ads that actually get you results.

Remember you don’t want unhappy subscribers to your email marketing campaigns. The laws require you to offer a link where customers can unsubscribe. While you want to do all you can to keep them reading your emails, it is important to respect their wishes and remove them from the mailing list immediately. They will become very frustrated if they continue to receive them once they have asked to be removed. It can cost you your reputation and future online business. Email marketing can be effective for your online business if you keep these common mistakes from becoming part of your internet marketing plan.

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Here’s an OTO Special Offer!

A One Time Offer, or OTO, is basically a type of marketing strategy where the seller offers a one time only- special offer to their prospects, or customers. In other words, it is a page where you propose to your customers a highly enticing one time only deal which they just can’t refuse.

This is a highly effective marketing technique which can result in some heavy cash flow. You can do this with people who have just bought something from you or with people who have just opted into your squeeze page.

The idea behind this marketing technique is to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the buyer, which will then result in a impulsive purchase of the product. The best OTO is the one that will make the customer feel guilty about leaving the website without purchasing your offer.

Where to put your one time offer, you ask? Well, the best place to place it is right after they buy the actual (main) product. This will capture the buyer in a “buying” mood, which will then increase their chances of purchasing your one time offer. You should present your OTO at a discounted price; this way your customers feel like they’ll be saving money by purchasing it and getting a great deal.

There are two types of OTO’s that you can use. First is known as a Complementary OTO. Let’s say, that the main product which you are selling is about article marketing. Now, as an OTO you are going to sell a product that complements your main product. It could be something like an eBook that will teach them how to write effective articles.

The second type of OTO is the Supplementary OTO. In this case, let’s say you are selling a eBook that teaches about Forex trading. Now, with a supplementary OTO, you can sell them Master Resell Rights to the book for an additional fee. It can also be some form of an upgrade that you might offer, like maybe some helpful videos.

Either way, OTO’s are great way to create extra income, while offering something of value to your customer at a great deal. This will not only give you buyers, but it will give you a list of LOYAL buyers. Make sure to put OTO’s in your sales funnels!

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps

How to Reduce Blog Spam and Increase Quality Comments

Google says that a healthy, active online community is one of the signals they look for to determine your blog’s quality. Comments are considered part of your content, so the better they are, the better your blog does in search results.

How to Reduce Blog Spam and Increase Quality Comments

The problem is, of course, that a lot of comments are either spam or they don’t add anything to the conversation. For example, “Great post!” and “Love it!” might feed your ego, but that’s about it.

So how do you encourage people to leave thoughtful, well-written comments that add to the conversation?

By using a seed question.

Once you upload your post, be the first one to comment on your own post. For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post titled 7 Ways to Get Free Traffic.

Your comment might be, “Thanks for checking out my post. I thought I’d kick off discussion with a few questions about how you get free traffic. What’s your favorite technique? How much time and resources does it take? And how effective has it been so far? I would love to hear from you on this.”

When you do this, you’ll likely find that more of the comments you receive actually ADD to the conversation.

One more thing, and this is a little sneaky – up-vote your own comment to keep it at the top. Odds are others will begin up-voting it as well, but it doesn’t hurt to add your own up-votes. You want your comment to be the first one people read.

Try this technique out on the next blog post you write, and I bet you’ll significantly increase the quality and quantity of comments you receive.

Not only can this help you with the development of your own community and search engine rankings, you’ll also likely find the seeds of inspiration for future blog posts as you interact with your blog readers in this way.

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps

How to Make Money with a Product Review

To make money with affiliate marketing, you must be able to sell a product and/or service.  With internet scams at an all time high, there are many potential customers who are a little bit leery of buying a new product or service.  That is why you should consider testing the products that you will be selling first.

Most legitimate affiliate programs have a money back guarantee so you can test the product and if you think it is not up to par just ask for your money back. The testing of products is a great way to ensure that you are promoting a worthwhile product. Although testing the affiliate product is good you will want to take it a step further to increase your sales. You will want to think about writing a product review or at least a recommendation. The huge benefits of writing a review or recommendation is it a good way to increase your affiliate sales and it doesn’t take much effort.

When it comes to writing a product review or recommendation for an affiliate marketing program, one of the most common questions asked is “why would you write a review”?  There are a large number of affiliate marketers who feel that it is just a waste of time. In reality it is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your offer(s). In fact, it could be the best use of your time to make money as an affiliate marketer. Product reviews and recommendations give consumers an idea as to what they are purchasing. Eventually buying the product or service from your affiliate link.

Many consumers read product reviews before making a purchase, especially a pricey product. It is also important to develop trust with a potential customer. Giving consumers insight into an affiliate product that you market and sell, allows the consumer to develop a working relationship with you, even if it is just in their minds. In a way a sense of trust is being created; trust that could work to your advantage. 

If this is your first time writing a product recommendation or a product review, you may be wondering what you should write. You would write a review from your heart and experience with the product as you are advised to take the standpoint of the consumer. If you were researching an affiliate product online, what you would like to know about that product? Taking this approach will help to ensure that your product reviews and recommendations are actually useful to those who read them.  Items that you should include in a product review should include an overview of the product in question, the price meaning does it seem like a good value, pros and cons of the product and the eventual benefits of buying it.

When it comes to writing product reviews or recommendations, there are many individuals who take different approaches.  You can take any approach that you would like but just ensure it is an honest approach. Essentially, this means that you can format your review or recommendation any way that you would like to. Despite having the freedom to choose your own format, you may want to consider using the sample outlined below as a guide.  This sample uses a work at home e-book as the product in question.

To Those Who Want to Work from Home

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who would like to work from home?  If you are, you are definitely not alone. Finding a legitimate work at home opportunity can seem like a long and complicated task, but it doesn’t have to be. The “Learn How You Can Work from Home,” e-book has all the information that you will need.

Available for the low-price of $10, you can easily learn how to work from home.  Hundreds of work from home opportunities are outlined.  Familiarize yourself with each opportunity, learn what tools or training is needed, as well as how much money you can make.  With the “Learn How You Can Work from Home,” e-book, you are sure to find the work from home opportunity of your dreams.

The sample mentioned above is just one of the many ways that you can write a product review or recommendation.  Once you have finished your review, you will want to put it to good use.  Consider having it displayed on your webpage, submit the review to top article directories, or even use it as newsletter content for example.  It doesn’t really matter how you choose to distribute your review or recommendation, as long as you just do it. This is VERY important, make sure you attach your affiliate link or website to your review. Once your product review or recommendation is in circulation, you could start seeing results in the form of sales right away!

Writing product reviews or recommendations will not take long, but you can benefit immensely from them. Writing product reviews or recommendations is a great way to build a positive perception of you, your company and the affiliate products that you are promoting. Whether you are in an affiliate program now or you are about to join one, you are urged to write a review or recommendation of the affiliate product/program that you are promoting or will be promoting.  In the end you may be surprised with the results you attain.

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the scam free program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

How to Make Your First $100,000 Online in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day, With Just 3 Super Simple PROVEN Steps


Are You a Wannabe Entrepreneur?

When wannabe entrepreneurs begin to think about a home business of their own, there are some folks who know that very moment what kind of online business they are going to start. Then, there are the rest of us…

Knowing that we want to have a business of our own is not enough. Many of us have struggled with the important question of what type of work from home business we would like to start.

Franchises, even though not a work from home situation, offer a simple pre-packaged money making idea, but the cost of a franchise often makes it a prohibitive option to most folks who contemplate going out on their own.

For those who do not have a million dollars to buy a McDonald’s franchise, we must look to other ideas for our own home business.

There are literally hundreds of lucrative home business ideas for you to choose from, which will suit every type of personality and all levels of financing. From selling information on the Internet as a infopreneur, to growing delicious gourmet mushrooms for sale to restaurants and catering
companies; there is a pile of money to be made by filling a need, for these and a host of other necessary services.

Of course, actually liking what you do, will have a lot to do with the success of your new venture, so be sure to pick a home business that you’ll enjoy running and that will keep you motivated.

For example, if you’re a math whiz, an accounting or income tax service might be the ideal home business for you to start. Perhaps writing is your forte and you’d like to start your own home based copywriting service or advertising agency. Each of these businesses can be run successfully–and profitably from the comfort of your own home.

Academia might not be your cup of tea, but maybe you are good with your hands — having a creative genius where crafts are concerned. Craft items are red-hot sellers at swap meets, country fairs and world wide over the Internet, and they can provide you with solid profits. If crafts don’t interest you, then why not start a laundry service with pick-up and delivery, or a shopping service for shut-in’s–even a companion service or granny sitter or a doctor shuttle service; any of which, could be much in demand, in and around your neighborhood or community.

When brainstorming new ideas for your future home business, keep in mind the soul of any successful endeavor is providing a product or service that others will actually purchase in quantities. Satisfy the needs of your target market, and your target market will keep you and your home based business healthy, happy and profitable.

Below are some suggestions for home business ideas that might help you decide on a suitable venture in which to invest.

Affiliate Marketing (my favorite), Multi-level-marketing (mlm), floral/plant service for offices and hospitals, pooper-scooper service, dog walking service, answering service, vending machine service, gift basket service, homemade soap maker, mobile windshield repair service, mobile tire repair service, income tax specialist, researcher, freelance writer, business card and letterhead designer, courier, shut-in/shuttle service, landscaping service, tree trimming service, wood crafter, carpenter, crafts and crafting supplies, pool cleaning service, plants/nursery starts, growing herbs, growing mushrooms, garage sale and swap meet vendor, proofreader, private investigator, typing service, interior decorator/designer, website design, wedding consultant, hot lunch/snack vendor at local courthouses, pet sitting service, pet grooming service, Internet entrepreneur, paralegal, gourmet catering service, new media production, mobile cosmetic technician, mobile nail technician, mobile hair stylist, aerobics instructor, personal fitness trainer, advertising consultant, companion service, small printing service.

Ideas, ideas; hopefully the above ideas will give you some fresh ideas of your own to mull over. A spring board if you will, on which to dive into your own chosen home business.

When you work from home, any business you start has the potential to explode into a perpetual gold mine! It just depends on how much your home business is in demand around your community or on the Internet. Your home business might start slow and steady, regularly picking up clients as you become more established. On the other hand, your chosen home business may take off like wildfire, quickly becoming too hot for you to handle by yourself (well done!). This is the time to enlist the help of willing family members to help you out in your time of need, which will make your business into a friendly, family concern. This will also help family members better understand your business and get a grasp on the mechanics of profit.

Good luck in all your decisions and have fun with your new home business, which ever one you choose, and don’t forget to enjoy your soon to have newfound freedom!

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Got Online Trolls? Keep Up the Great Work!

You send out an email and someone writes back that you’re a liar. You post on your blog and someone says you’re an idiot. You create a new product and someone says it stinks and it doesn’t work. Congratulations, because you are doing something RIGHT.

Got Online Trolls? Keep Up the Great Work!

If you’re trying to please everyone, you’re pleasing no one. People who are having a real and positive impact on the world are inevitably met with trolls and haters.

If no one experiences discomfort when they see your work, then your work isn’t having an impact.

Think of every successful person and company you know. Every single one of them has trolls and haters. And likely every single one of them knows that those trolls and haters are clear indications that they are on the right track.

Maybe you don’t have ‘haters’ after all. Maybe you have ‘fans in denial.’ It’s all a state of mind. Remember, when people hate on you, it’s often because you have something they want.

And here’s how to have fun with your haters: Realize that the less they like you, the more religiously they will be checking your page. So smile. And maybe write them this note:

“Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.”

A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

Is someone trying to bring you down? They’re already beneath you, and they probably secretly wish to BE you.

So love your haters.

They are often a true measure of your success.

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the scam free program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

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