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Here’s an OTO Special Offer!

A One Time Offer, or OTO, is basically a type of marketing strategy where the seller offers a one time only- special offer to their prospects, or customers. In other words, it is a page where you propose to your customers a highly enticing one time only deal which they just can’t refuse.

This is a highly effective marketing technique which can result in some heavy cash flow. You can do this with people who have just bought something from you or with people who have just opted into your squeeze page.

The idea behind this marketing technique is to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the buyer, which will then result in a impulsive purchase of the product. The best OTO is the one that will make the customer feel guilty about leaving the website without purchasing your offer.

Where to put your one time offer, you ask? Well, the best place to place it is right after they buy the actual (main) product. This will capture the buyer in a “buying” mood, which will then increase their chances of purchasing your one time offer. You should present your OTO at a discounted price; this way your customers feel like they’ll be saving money by purchasing it and getting a great deal.

There are two types of OTO’s that you can use. First is known as a Complementary OTO. Let’s say, that the main product which you are selling is about article marketing. Now, as an OTO you are going to sell a product that complements your main product. It could be something like an eBook that will teach them how to write effective articles.

The second type of OTO is the Supplementary OTO. In this case, let’s say you are selling a eBook that teaches about Forex trading. Now, with a supplementary OTO, you can sell them Master Resell Rights to the book for an additional fee. It can also be some form of an upgrade that you might offer, like maybe some helpful videos.

Either way, OTO’s are great way to create extra income, while offering something of value to your customer at a great deal. This will not only give you buyers, but it will give you a list of LOYAL buyers. Make sure to put OTO’s in your sales funnels!

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