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Video Tips to Send Traffic to Your WebSite

If you still doubt that videos can improve your site’s traffic, you’ve probably never heard of YouTube. That site was single handedly built, sustained and made popular by videos, loads of videos. In fact, some of the most well-known videos were first seen here, launching careers and personalities within a short span of time. Not only that, some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Coca-Cola, General Motors and Cisco Systems make use of videos in their websites. Don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity. Here are tips on how to use videos to send traffic to your website:

Have a good story line or lesson. It all rests on the core of your video’s purpose. What’s in it, anyway? Something about your website or business may keep you up all night due to excitement but it might bore half of the world’s population. This is why you should be careful about the kind of material you will be using for video marketing.

Find a topic you know and understand, something that you can relate to your website or business. How you make the video will of course depend on what you’re trying to promote. Write a short outline on how the video will progress, what you will present in it, what you will say, how it will end, etc.

Be prepared to edit. Don’t hire someone else to do this for you. Edit the video yourself using video editing software already on board your computer. Video editing software allows you to cut and splice scenes, add texts, colors and side effects, along with background music and spoken narration.

Try to keep the video complete but as short as possible. Two to three minutes’ worth of video should be enough and if you could manage a minute, that’s even better. If the video is longer, say 5 to 7 minutes, it better be worth it.

Remember that you will have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other videos on one site alone. Since most people have a short attention span to view your material, make sure your video is appealing and short enough to be noticed.

Advertise your site on the video. Make sure to insert your website address or URL within the video itself. Better yet, you could embed a link in an icon or logo that will appear in the video that viewers can click to to arrive at your site.

Submit your video to the most popular sites. The logic here is quite simple: popular sites are more likely to be visited by more people so your video has a better chance of gaining better exposure. Although nothing should stop you from sending your videos to every site you find, there are some sites will not send as much traffic to you as others. Choose carefully, making sure that your submissions are strategic to maximize your efforts.

Use tags for your video. Tags function like keywords, in that they help categorize or index your video. If you have a fishing site, for example, and your video is about fishing, use tags such as ‘fishing’, ‘salmon fishing’, ‘fishing gear’, etc. People who will search for items related to fishing are bound to come across this video and go to your site.

Using videos for marketing and to send traffic to your site is a proven method, provided you use it well. Find out more about the essential components a successful video has from ‘Videos’, the 12th in a series presented by TheBarkingVideos.com. Learn the ways you can present an idea, what to include in your shoot and how to use the numerous free resources on the web to produce videos that will send traffic to your site and build your online reputation.

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Mix to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Mix (formerly Stumble Upon) is another social networking website that’s making waves in the internet today. It is a site that holds a library of great websites, photos, videos, and content as contributed by its members. It is an avenue wherein members can share everything with other people and their network of friends. Once you sign up, you get to enjoy the benefits Mix has to offer. To use Mix to generate traffic to your website, just follow these tips:

1. Never Mix your own items and content. Don’t ever do this. This is not allowed as per Mix’s rules. You can only contribute photos, videos, and content that you honestly stumbled upon. If you put your own content on Mix, you are only promoting your own interest that defies the whole concept of the site. You need to put up something that’s interesting and is worth checking out by others. If you promote your own site, you could be bias. You won’t get traffic to your site through Mix if you’re banned.

2. Mix opt-in pages and sale pages are not advisable. Not that doing this is not allowed. It’s just that the community doesn’t like these pages at all. And if you get a negative image and negative feedback, the more people won’t be interested in you and your stumbles. It would be hard for you to promote your site and gain traffic if you do this.

3. Add friends. Mix is a social networking site. It means that you can add a good number of contacts and friends. If you can do it your way, try to add high-ranking Mix users. The more friends you have, the better performance your stumbles are going to be. And you can certainly transform that into traffic to your site.

4. Use the correct topics and the proper tags. Your stumbles can certainly be categorized into something. As for tags, you can use four at a time. You have to properly use the category and tag to go with your stumble. Tags are used for searches. Categories allow your stumble to be targeted. So if you want good performance for your stumbles, and eventually a good traffic to your site, use these things accordingly.

5. Add comments and reviews. Comments and reviews would do so much to your own rankings. And if you become popular in Mix enough, it would be easier for you to promote your own site and generate substantial traffic to it. It is all a matter of building a good reputation and use it to your site’s advantage.

6. Exchange Mixes. If you exchange stumbles with one another, yours will get enough popularity to make it to the top. And this is exactly what you need so that you would eventually generate traffic to your site.

7. Sponsor your site. If you have a little money to spare, you can certainly buy Mix sponsorship. And as a sponsor, your website will be shown on one of Mix’s page. Other members can sponsor you, if you are kind of short in cash. Just follow these seven tips and you should be able to generate traffic to your site through Mix. Try them all today!

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Ten Best Banner Tips for Your Web Site

Your web site stares at you from off the computer screen. It is finished and polished and there is just one question left unanswered, who would view and appreciate it? Not too long ago, a bulk of link exchange programs abound. Say goodbye to those days as link reputation is now being measured by the quality and even popularity of the available links. So when you are wondering “exactly” what to do to on link or banner exchanges, read from start to finish:

1. Do you want your web site to become accepted? First, make sure that it has essence and it is not a waste of time. Ascertain that other sites would find your site extremely useful and information-filled. Keep your site concise but extremely helpful. A site that can be utilized would definitely be “linkable”.

2. Link your site on already established or well-known sites. You do not need further advertising when you are linked to a certain name that people already recognize. These recognized sites that would link you are common market targets. Highlight all the good points that your site has. Think like you are the one who is about to view your site. The inevitable question is, “Why would I link to this site”?

3. Search and consider all options before jumping into any one site. Which sites would give the most advantages? Which ones are not that practical? Know what you are getting into. Perhaps the simplest way to gain knowledge of who you are dealing with is e-mailing the site Webmaster. Set aside enough time to review each and every site that you are considering so that you would never be caught off guard.

4. Be specific. In order to have a successful exchange, give out the precise link text that should be used. Make available all the necessary information that they would need so that linking would go smoothly.

5. Links that reciprocate should at least have some of the few existing links that you have. Having a common denominator is tremendously important.

6. Do you know that old saying that you should keep your friends close but you should keep your enemies closer? Know who your competitors are. Take note of their strengths. Know who you are up against.

7. If ever you would need to move your site, make sure that your existing links have all the necessary information to link back to you.

8. Have as many links as possible that point back to your site. Give time to think of fields that are related to your site. Find directory themes that are parallel to your site’s purpose. Seek out all opportunities to leave a link.

9. Do not forget the quality of your links. Do not sacrifice quality when you are out to get the quantity of links. Make sure to properly arrange all the pages that link to you. Be artistic and creative. Do not focus more on marketing or selling. People hate solicitors but appreciate sites that understand their dilemmas and emotions.

10. If you can, offer an incentive to those who link back to your site. Who doesn’t want freebies anyway? There are so many ways to hype your web site. These ten are just some of them, but definitely one of the most important to have down pat. Bear that in mind.

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Writing Testimonials to Increase your Website Traffic

One very natural way to promote any service or product is through testimonials. This is so because of the fact testimonials are freely given by your customers, those who found satisfaction in your service or product. So that this alone is one huge bonus which should really be looked into by all web owners.

Writing positive and constructive testimonials for similar websites as well as have testimonials in your website are very effective as these not only give reverence to websites you utilize often or admire, but testimonials are also an excellent method to increase your website traffic. Website testimonials illustrate how your customers feel about your product that they have bought from your website and used. When a buyer offer a testimonial on your website, this makes other web visitors develop trust in you.

In the same way, when you write a testimonial with your name as well as your website address on other similar websites, this now can be converted into website traffic as your testimonial will expose your website to people looking or visiting at that particular website, especially if that website is a very popular site that offers a very high demand product or service.

The fact is, testimonials are excellent linking strategy. Keep in mind to always include your website link and make sure that you write testimonials to high page ranking websites. With this, you will eliminate the worry of linking unto competitor websites as well as you have avoided the troubles of reciprocal links.

In addition, if you utilize similar but non competing website links, you will attract their traffic also. This mostly occurs because of search engine requirements. When somebody keys in the name of a particular website which your testimonial also has a link to, in order to have access in that website, most likely, your website will also be displayed because you have included that website’s link in your site. In fact, address of other websites or links can be utilized as an entry way to your website. People will have the chance to visit your website and most likely examine your website before they go to the website which they have planned to visit.

Here are guidelines on writing testimonials:

1) After writing positive testimonials in favor of other websites then see great traffic results on your website, its now time to select which websites are best to write testimonials to. Experts recommend using websites which are used highly, but not excessively advertised. Getting the right combination can be very challenging. Try to look for websites which are requested often on top search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc . The important thing is to keep in mind that websites which are advertised highly are normally simple to remember so that people will not anymore make use of search engines in order to access them. Sites however, that contain complicated or difficult names yet are used highly can be better alternatives because internet users will more likely use top search engines in order to access them.

2) Decide exactly what you want to say. Keep in mind, do not write any testimonial prior to visiting the website. Look through the site first, because you most certainly do not like to write an encouraging and positive testimonial about a horrible site – they will make your website look ugly to visitors. Make certain that you conform to all that the website is representing. Write a review of the website’s services or products or outline of the business. Make sure that you mention the web address in your testimonial as frequently as possible, so that it will be more likely that your website will show up whenever somebody searches for that website on search engines.

3) Don’t limit yourself to sending positive testimonials to websites. Send positive testimonials also to free internet services and ezines. Send your testimonials as a complimentary note and compliment their services or products and express how they are useful to you. Interested websites in enhancing their sales will regularly utilize them and your web address has a high chance of getting printed when you give a positive testimonial. Keep in mind, only write a positive testimonial for products and services that you really believe in, because your reputation in fact is at risk when giving out a testimonial. Giving your support to an awful product can destroy your name.

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This is The REAL Reason Why You Should Leave Blog Comments

You’ve probably heard that commenting on other people’s blogs is a good thing to do. But do you know why it’s so important?

This is The REAL Reason Why You Should Leave Blog Comments

Yes, it can get you traffic. People see your blog comment, like it, and click on your name to go to your website. But that’s not the biggest reason to comment on blogs.

Leaving blog comments might also give you backlinks, which could potentially increase your standing in the natural search results. But again, this isn’t the biggest reason to leave comments on other people’s blog posts.

Leaving blog comments also gets you seen by others in your niche. Leave enough great comments and people might start to remember you and your brand.

But again, that’s not the biggest benefit to leaving well-thought-out, interesting blog comments.

The biggest benefit? Whether you realize it or not, consistent blog commenting builds relationships with other bloggers.

Think about it – you go to Joe’s blog once a week and leave a well-thought out comment on Joe’s latest post. Joe keeps noticing you, and pretty soon the two of you are building a relationship that can eventually lead to:

  • Guest posts
  • Product endorsements
  • Joint ventures
  • Introductions to other movers in your niche
  • And so forth…

Here’s how to be effective at blog commenting:

  • Post on blogs in your particular nicheRead the entire post thoroughly before commenting
  • Share your specific thoughts and opinions
  • Don’t be general or vague. “Nice post” doesn’t cut it
  • Use a great avatar – a photo of your smiling face is usually best
  • Use your real name, not “Mary6504”
  • Never be rude and never be mean
  • Be genuine and thought-provoking – Add value to the conversation
  • Use Google Alerts to be alerted to new posts so you can be one of the first to comment – more readers will see your comment this way
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds and to email lists of your favorite bloggers – again, this helps to alert you when someone makes a new post
  • If you’re not the first to leave a blog comment, then scan the other comments to make sure you’re not repeating a thought or comment
  • Use personal stories where applicable
  • Quote the post itself in your comment – for example, “When you said ____ it gave me a great idea”
  • It’s okay to disagree if you do it in a way that totally respects the blogger’s opinions and thoughts
  • Ask questions of the blog owner. This will get you more engagement and shows you’re interested in their opinion – very effective for relationship building.
  • Always double proofread your comment for spelling and punctuation before submitting

And remember to be patient – you don’t develop a relationship with a blogger over one blog comment. Continue to come back and comment on new posts and you will gradually build real relationships with these bloggers.

Using RSS Feeds For Website Traffic

Blog sites are the trend of today. More and more people are switching to this type of a website as they are easier to use and maintain. The main pull of blog sites is that fact that it is highly dynamic. Blog site owners can maintain their website using the regular browser interface. They don’t need to learn HTML or any other complex scripts and programming languages. But the breakthrough of blog sites is really RSS feeds. By concept, RSS means syndication. It works this way: a person goes to your site for a visit. He or she got really interested in what you have and what you are talking about and opts to be subscriber. To become one, the visitor has to syndicate your site so all new posts and changes to it are fed into his or her RSS reader.

This means that each and every subscriber of your website can see the new things you add to it in almost an instant. And because the link from the feed is live, they can simply click on that and your website will show up in a new window, fast and easy. You now have repeat visitors to your site. RSS feeds are the way to maintain subscribers to your site. With it, subscribers will never forget about you. And you really need not do anything special to get to them. Everything works automatically. All you have to do is to update your blog site on a regular basis. The RSS feeder would be the one to do all the hard work for you. After updating your site and writing new interesting posts, just sit back and relax and watch visitors flowing in within minutes.

Static websites, which are the regular ones created with html software like Microsoft FrontPage, can’t be syndicated. People would yet find a way to infuse RSS feeds into static websites. Right now, only blog sites will work with RSS feeders and readers.

One of the more popular RSS feeders today is FeedBurner. Google recently acquired it so you can rely on its power and capabilities. And if you use it with another Google product like Blogspot, you will surely get twice the benefits. But of course, Google is just another player in the web. There are loads of RSS feeders and readers out there provided by different internet giants. Some even work better than Google.

Blog sites, when updated regularly, are very easy to optimize for search engines. And if you use RSS feeders to work with it, the effect is momentous. The creation of RSS feeds had really made generating traffic so simple over the internet. It takes out all the manual work. And so your energy can be used for something else more relevant than checking your subscriber’s list, maintaining it, and then sending updates to each and every one included in it manually.

Blog sites are so powerful these days that big companies are using them along with their static websites to achieve a full marketing effect. This is how big a role RSS feeds really has. A lot of highly successful webmasters have attested to its abilities. And all of them are one in saying that it is too good a tool to ignore. So don’t ever overlook RSS feeds. It can provide you with the much-needed traffic you want for all your websites.

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If Your Website Delivers, Does Your Traffic Convert?

If your website is one of those that have been enjoying consistently immense traffic, don’t attribute it to luck. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with what hard work, good marketing and great timing produced. Now, the question: does this huge traffic of yours convert? Because if they don’t or do so poorly, you might be wasting an incredibly big opportunity that most other website owners only dream about.

A reason for conversion;

There are two major reasons why traffic converts and it will do you well if you try to understand how these will fit in your set-up. First, visitors to your website were driven there because they felt the compulsion to participate in an interactive activity or complete a particular transaction. These are the type of traffic who were driven to your website because they found your link or ad interesting. They also have the intention of converting their presence.

The second reason that traffic converts is that visitors to your website are fully satisfied with what they find. Whetting their appetites can increase their expectations (and if you’re really good at it, their needs). If your website delivers, your traffic converts.

Converting that traffic;

Now that you know why some traffic converts and others don’t, you can begin taking steps to ensure that you increase the likelihood that visitors to your site will complete the cycle of transaction. Here are ways how:

Identify your market. You’ll need to know which traffic to target in order to effectively persuade them to convert. If your market is composed of babyboomers, for example, no amount of cajoling, bribing, even begging will make traffic composed of 12- to15-year-olds convert. If you can identify your ideal traffic, you will be better equipped to understand what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it. Take a look at the keywords they used and how they arrived at your site.

Identify your site’s strong points. If you want to know how to drive traffic that converts to your site, find out first what brings traffic in the first place. Is it textual content? Images? Your lively forums? Your useful advice? Is it your unbiased product and service reviews? The more you understand what makes your website appealing, the better you’ll be able to design ads and links that can convert your traffic.

Move in relevant circles. Why sell crabs to someone who wants chicken? Take a good look at your goals and determine how you can use your website to fulfill them. Do you want increased membership? Do you want people to participate in your surveys? Do you want them to join your affiliate program? Do you want them to stick around and click on your links? Once you’ve determined what your exact wants are, look for sites and internet communities that have the same interests. If you want to find traffic that is interested in your fishing articles, for example, find them in sites, forums, boards and blogs that promote angling. Emphasize the benefits. If you want to drive traffic to your site that converts, always keep your eye out for the bottomline. At the end of the day, your visitors really want to know what’s in it for them. Sure, they’ll throw in the occasional charity by giving you a boost once in a while but they won’t want to do this for long.

Whatever you do in relation to your website or business, always design your plans and promotions in such a way as to underscore their relevance and advantages. The more visitors see the usefulness of your website, the more you’ll succeed at driving traffic that converts. That way, everybody wins.

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How to Get Your Business Unstuck FAST

Once an online marketer gets to a certain income level, that marketer almost invariably gets stuck. They can’t seem to make any more money, even when they pour more and more of their time into their business. Why? Because they are working IN their business rather than ON their business.

How to Get Your Business Unstuck FAST

That’s why it’s so important to begin outsourcing as soon as you can afford to, which is actually a whole lot sooner than you probably think. If you believe you need to be bringing in a hefty six figure sum before you can get yourself some help, think again.

The fact is, the sooner you begin outsourcing some of the more mundane and time consuming facets of your business, the sooner you can begin growing your business in a truly substantial way.

You’ve only got a fixed number of hours in the week. Do you spend them doing:

A: The tasks you don’t like to do
B: The tasks you don’t mind doing, but they could easily be done by someone else
C: The tasks that you’re brilliant at doing and that you enjoy performing
D: Planning and strategizing to take your business to the next level

Obviously you want to delegate A and B as fast as possible so you can focus on C and D.

Are you doing your own support? Are you answering your own emails and phone? Is it taking your entire morning just to do support, answer emails and so forth?

Next question: Exactly how much do you earn each time you work your own support desk or answer your own emails and phone? What’s that? Nothing? Maybe it’s time you hired someone to do it for you.

In fact, if you do it correctly, hiring someone to perform your support tasks for you can pay off from day one.

That’s because it frees you up to do the things that MAKE YOU MONEY.

Ah-hah! Imagine that – devoting nearly ALL of your working time to those tasks that make money, rather than doing support.

In the military there are two distinct areas of operation: Front line and support. The front line wins the battles while the support does just that – support those who are out there winning the battles.

In sports, you’ve got offense and defense. The defense is crucial for stopping the other team from scoring, but they generally DON’T SCORE any points themselves. The offense does that. If you’re spending all of your time on defense (answering emails) then you’re not devoting any time to offense (making sales.)

Here’s how to hand the bulk of your email tasks off to your new assistant: If you don’t already have a private email address, create one. This is the address you give to JV partners, fellow marketers and your mother. The people who matter most to your business and your personal life.

Once a day you check this address and answer these emails personally.

Everything else – EVERYTHING else – goes to your support address or support desk where your support person checks it daily or even several times a day.

This includes payments, autoresponder emails, hosting emails, questions from customers, complaints, testimonials, affiliate requests, etc.

Your support person has access to your accounts, too. Your hosting account, autoresponder account, PayPal account, etc. I know – it seems like a big leap of faith to give access to your PayPal account to someone else, but no worries. You can limit the PayPal functions your support person has access to. For example, they can issue refunds but not withdraw funds.

Your support person or team is basically going to run the day to day operation of your business for you.

When training your support staff, you can write out step by step procedures on how to do things, record videos or audios, or simply have them contact you when something comes up they haven’t handled before. In other words, there is a learning curve. But after the first week you shouldn’t have to spend much more time on training, especially if you’ve got the right person for the job.

You can also have your support person or team do all those other things you don’t like to do such as analyze stats, clean email lists, install websites, social media, etc. Whatever it is that you prefer to hand off, go ahead and do it.

If you hire someone for 2 hours a day, that frees up 2 hours of your own time. If you pay them $12 an hour, that’s $480 a month – quite possibly more than you currently pay for programs and how to info.

And it’s 40 hours per month that you’ve just gained. Imagine if you use that 40 hours each month to create and market a new product – that’s 12 new products in a year. If each product were to make you just $3,000 initially, and then just another $500 a month – well, you do the math.

If you’re still hesitating, then think about this: If you strike a deal with your support person to pay them monthly, then you’ve got 30 days to use your new found time to make more than enough money to cover them for the first month.

30 days and 40 new found hours. But that’s not even the biggest benefit of bringing someone in to help you with your business.

The biggest benefit of all is what it will do for your mindset, because suddenly you ARE a business person. There’s no more wondering if you’re just dabbling in a hobby. This stuff is REAL and you are now responsible for someone else’s income. This is the motivator that will kick you out of bed each morning and ensure you have a productive, successful day.

Use one of the freelance sites to find someone. Yes, it’s going to feel like a big step, because it is. A big step in the right direction, that is. Because the rewards are going to prove that it was totally worth it to take this next, logical step in your business evolution.

5 Ways I Use “Bookmark This Site” for Website Traffic

Adding a “bookmark this site” link to the pages of your website may seem so simple, but you won’t believe the traffic it could generate once people decide that your website is worth bookmarking indeed.

What’s Social Bookmarking All About? Social bookmarking is a system in which people who pass by your website bookmark it using the services of websites like Digg, Del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon, to recommend your website to other people. The more people who bookmark your website, the more traffic they could generate.

4 Benefits that a “Bookmark This Site” Link Can Give You a Page or Search Engine Ranking, Search engine spiders don’t just tally people who visit you. They also take notice of the number of people bookmarking your website and the more people who bookmark your website, the higher your search engine ranking could get.

One-Way Links; Every time you get socially bookmarked, your website receives a one-way or inbound link. You don’t have to link to anybody in exchange because people are creating those links out of their own free will.

Improved Credibility; Once your website starts popping up in social bookmark lists more and more, people will start getting curious about you. Soon, people will start getting curious and visit your website. Afterwards, you’ll gradually develop a reputation as guru or niche expert for yourself.

Expanded Network; Social bookmarking doesn’t just expand your customer base. It also increases the number of business contacts you have. Getting socially bookmarked places the attention solely on you and during your fifteen minutes of fame, you get to meet future suppliers, affiliates, joint venture partners, and angel investors.

5 Tips on How to Get People to Click Your “Bookmark This Site” Link;

Tip #1 Strive to be the first. Old news is of no interest to most readers. If news has wings in the real world, in the Internet, those wings have supersonic speed so it’s very difficult to be the first to post new information on any category. That’s why you have to work on building your “inside sources”. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort but when you do get to post first, you can certainly expect people to bookmark your website like crazy.

Tip #2 Be original. So you don?t have the chance to announce the latest dot-com-bubble tragedy. That’s okay. There’s still another way to generate traffic from such news. Take a look at the recent articles that have cropped up about it. Now, think of an angle or perspective that hasn’t been discussed yet. If you have an idea, go for it, and people will once again click on your “bookmark this site” link.

Tip #3 Don’t be shy when creating your titles. Write them with flair: tease, seduce, inveigle, do whatever you want to make sure that the titles grab your reader’s attention and never lets go after that.

Tip #4 Be aggressive. Don’t write your article like it’s an obituary. Use powerful words that have substantial impact on the mind. Make every sentence informative and thought-provoking. Each word must contribute to convincing your reader to bookmark your website.

Tip #5 Last but not the least, end your work with a direct invitation to bookmark your website. Don’t be shy to ask them to bookmark your website. If you know you’ve done a good job then there’s nothing wrong for asking for a little sign of approval, is there? All you’re asking for is just one tiny click. Your readers surely won’t mind.

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3 Ways to get More Traffic Using online Directories

Free online directories are a fast and easy way to get people to come and visit your website. However, it’s not as simple as getting links to your website splattered all over the internet. Some people think that getting their links shotgunned far and wide guarantee success, even to the point of using viral marketing programs – tailored viruses which replicate banners and links for a certain site and spread them whenever and wherever possible. This approach leads to disaster. When using directories, there are a few simple tips you should remember to keep your presence known without getting a negative rep.

Volume means coverage, not spamming! – this is one mistake a lot of people make – usually the lazy or unskilled ones who also happen to possess no people skills or planning ability. one marketing tactic is to get your presence spread as wide as you can – this is true. However, some people tend to take the spamming approach, and believe me, there are very few things on the internet as annoying as a spammer. When placing your website links on a directory, place one discreet entry per directory you can get access to. I repeat, ONE. Some people think that slapping ten or more different links to various pages on their site into one directory will get a lot of people. It just makes people irritated. If this is what you’re doing, stop being a lazy underachiever and find a lot of DIFFERENT directories and get a link into each one. ONE link apiece. Yes, I’m repeating myself. Spammers annoy me.

Selective posting is the key – it’s not just about getting your links into every directory you can get your hands on either. Different directories have different topics and fields of specialty. Prioritize getting your website’s links into the directories which are all VERY (not vaguely!) related to the topics you host. There’s no use placing a link to a golf website onto an extreme sports related link directory. I’d have to assume there are SOME extreme sports fans who play golf, but what are the odds of that? Unless you happen to be talking about a new sport involving kicking people with golf shoes on, and aiming for people’s heads with the ball instead of into a puny hole in the ground. That might work…

Know the directory rankings and their criteria – different directories work different ways. Most will simply list their links alphabetically, and by criteria. The really good ones will have ranking systems though, and these will be through several different ways. Some have forums and rely on user feedback. Others have a team of website reviewers and critics who look at each entry in their directories and rate them. Still others will base it on the number of hits and page views the website has received. Whatever the case, study the criteria used to rate the different links in the directories, and do what you can so improve your rankings. The higher you are up a list, the better the odds people will notice you.

These three simple tips should allow you to improve your reputation and get more notice for your site on the internet. Granted, they’re not as easy as they sound – they take hard work, effort, and alertness to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the directories. Which is why the lazy people usually just resort to spamming and automated programs… and usually get blacklisted from various directories as a result.

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