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How to Make Money with a Product Review

To make money with affiliate marketing, you must be able to sell a product and/or service.  With internet scams at an all time high, there are many potential customers who are a little bit leery of buying a new product or service.  That is why you should consider testing the products that you will be selling first.

Most legitimate affiliate programs have a money back guarantee so you can test the product and if you think it is not up to par just ask for your money back. The testing of products is a great way to ensure that you are promoting a worthwhile product. Although testing the affiliate product is good you will want to take it a step further to increase your sales. You will want to think about writing a product review or at least a recommendation. The huge benefits of writing a review or recommendation is it a good way to increase your affiliate sales and it doesn’t take much effort.

When it comes to writing a product review or recommendation for an affiliate marketing program, one of the most common questions asked is “why would you write a review”?  There are a large number of affiliate marketers who feel that it is just a waste of time. In reality it is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your offer(s). In fact, it could be the best use of your time to make money as an affiliate marketer. Product reviews and recommendations give consumers an idea as to what they are purchasing. Eventually buying the product or service from your affiliate link.

Many consumers read product reviews before making a purchase, especially a pricey product. It is also important to develop trust with a potential customer. Giving consumers insight into an affiliate product that you market and sell, allows the consumer to develop a working relationship with you, even if it is just in their minds. In a way a sense of trust is being created; trust that could work to your advantage. 

If this is your first time writing a product recommendation or a product review, you may be wondering what you should write. You would write a review from your heart and experience with the product as you are advised to take the standpoint of the consumer. If you were researching an affiliate product online, what you would like to know about that product? Taking this approach will help to ensure that your product reviews and recommendations are actually useful to those who read them.  Items that you should include in a product review should include an overview of the product in question, the price meaning does it seem like a good value, pros and cons of the product and the eventual benefits of buying it.

When it comes to writing product reviews or recommendations, there are many individuals who take different approaches.  You can take any approach that you would like but just ensure it is an honest approach. Essentially, this means that you can format your review or recommendation any way that you would like to. Despite having the freedom to choose your own format, you may want to consider using the sample outlined below as a guide.  This sample uses a work at home e-book as the product in question.

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The sample mentioned above is just one of the many ways that you can write a product review or recommendation.  Once you have finished your review, you will want to put it to good use.  Consider having it displayed on your webpage, submit the review to top article directories, or even use it as newsletter content for example.  It doesn’t really matter how you choose to distribute your review or recommendation, as long as you just do it. This is VERY important, make sure you attach your affiliate link or website to your review. Once your product review or recommendation is in circulation, you could start seeing results in the form of sales right away!

Writing product reviews or recommendations will not take long, but you can benefit immensely from them. Writing product reviews or recommendations is a great way to build a positive perception of you, your company and the affiliate products that you are promoting. Whether you are in an affiliate program now or you are about to join one, you are urged to write a review or recommendation of the affiliate product/program that you are promoting or will be promoting.  In the end you may be surprised with the results you attain.

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