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Website Traffic Using Paid Reviews

The World Wide Web, or most commonly tagged as “www”, is home to a host of venues that cater to various interests. Accessibility wise, majority of individuals from all over the globe has access to an Internet connection. That and the mere fact that it can also be reached via one’s cellphone or a LAN add up to its popularity among people of all ages, most especially to tech savvy who prefer mobility.

Websites or blogs on the other hand are created to serve various purposes. This can be any of the following: To promote a business. When the entrepreneur uses the www as a medium of information dissemination about the product or service that it offers, he or she is presented with various forms on how to introduce it to its target market. Usually, such sites contain the company’s history, rate, and specific highlight features of the product or service that it offers. The manner of presentation is an integral part in attracting consumers and in establishing the image it wants to portray to their target market.

To create a blog about a specific or varying interest of the blogger with the intention of sharing his or her thoughts to other individuals who might find it valuable too. These blogs may be a simple diary-like entry about personal happenings, a documentary of some sort, or used as a simple space to air out one’s thoughts or knowledge regarding a specific topic. To keep the interest of the readers, the blogger need to keep the length of posting about a specific topic long enough to thoroughly discuss it, but short enough too to hold the attention of its readers. Thorough research about the topic is needed to emanate an aura of expertise regarding the matter being discussed. Otherwise, the reader would realize that they are being led in circles and loose interest on it. On the other hand, there too are various ways on how to increase traffic unto your site. Increase in traffic is beneficial for it would determine the popularity and search ability of your blog or site.

Through the use of various links. Indicating at least 1 or 2 links every few paragraphs might aid in increasing traffic. Using of videos through paid or its free-type counterparts such as YouTube, Blip, Revver and a lot more, posted unto different venues, may likewise yield the same effect.

Through paid reviews. Paid reviews can be one of the most efficient ways of driving traffic into your site due to the following reasons: By paying for the services, an expert in the field would determine the best possible way of presenting the review. This is typically advantageous for amateurs who still do not know how to start or select the best possible venues of posting such reviews.

One is handed with various forms of presentation. Unlike when working alone on your video, services or paid reviewers know the right of choice of words that could grab attention.

Proper choice of words, determined by past experiences and people?s reaction towards the same is detrimental in it’s effectively. Professional service providers had hands on experience on what suits what on specific matters. Still, concerned parties must be prudent enough to know that they get their money’s worth for the service being offered by making a little research on the basics of engaging the help of paid reviews.

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Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Videos

Since the conception of the World Wide Web, or most commonly tagged as www, it has been used to serve various purposes for people from around the globe.

While most people use it to promote certain product or services that the individual or a group tries to advertise, posting of matters of personal interest to the developer, or if simply used as a tool to disseminate information, it has proven its worth over time.

A website may be organized into various functions. This includes the following: Personal, For profit, Non-profit organization, Commercial and Government. Below are 2 tips on how to drive traffic to your site for various purposes:

1. When websites or blogs are used for business purposes: One of the most common reasons for setting up websites is to promote a certain product or service. Mainly it contains the history of the company, a list of the product or services being offered and its highlight features, the rate, and other matter of importance in product or service awareness. Adding up links that is related to the nature of the business is a good attraction and would sure contribute in adding traffic to the site. Also, using videos can contribute much to adding traffic. There are various sites that offer free video postings such as Google, YouTube, Revver, Blip and a lot more.For example, posting an attention-grabbing type of ad in YouTube about your business, under a common category that is usually one of the most searchable items on the net, could increase its popularity and eventually traffic to your site.

2. Site is used to post matters of personal interest to the author Blogging for most people had been a medium to post diary-like entries about themselves. By adding up videos tagged under a common or searchable category, this would likewise increase traffic to the site. The stated videos may be made by the blogger or individual themselves. Others enlist the help of professionals in making the same, that and the best possible venue on where to strategically place it.

Videos are an integral part of most blog, for usually it is what drives traffic towards the specific site. Below are 6 tips on how to maximize the use of videos:

1. Create searchable tag under the video file

2. Make the video a creative one, something that could draw attention by itself, if not about he article inside the site

3. Update the video links, or add up videos that are timely. For example, videos pertaining to the coming holiday season might be appropriate when discussing the weather or tips for the coming occasions.

4. Be sure to make or add up videos that are not too offensive in nature, and that would draw the attention of the majority of possible readers.

5. Videos should be attractive to almost any age group. If this can not be the case, make sure to have several that could cater to a specific group.

6. Still, make sure to not overdo adding up videos or links to a video that is connected to the matter inside the site.

Wherever these videos are posted, the most common attraction-drawer is if it done in a classy, if not funny way, that hits the target point-blank. That and the manner of how it is presented would make or break the benefit of adding up one.

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How to Quickly Get Prospects to Trust You

You’re about to Skype into a potential JV partner, or talk to a big affiliate on the phone, or meet your fellow marketers at a conference. Making this connection is important – it can mean the difference between years of working together to build your businesses, or not. So, what can you say or do to make them trust you?

How to Quickly Get Prospects to Trust You

Should you try to impress them and wow them with your expertise? Should you be funny and outgoing? Or act like you’re extraordinarily successful?

Really, the answer is none of the above. That’s because the first step in getting people to trust you is to show them how interested you are in them.

Let’s say you’re about to speak to a business prospect. Decide in advance how you’re going to feel about this person. Before you even meet, choose to find them interesting, intriguing, loveable and kind. When you do, you’ll be making them feel as important as they are.

Ask to hear their story. “So tell me how you got to where you are.” Let it come across in your words. “That’s fascinating, tell me more about that.” “I love hearing your story, tell me what happened next.”

Make your energy and your words positive because no one likes to be around negative people.

Another example: When you see who’s calling on caller ID, get happy and think how fascinating they are before you answer the phone, especially if you’re initially annoyed at the interruption.

Creating a positive experience for the other person will naturally lead to the connection you seek.

Connection occurs in those moments when someone else feels understood by you. When they feel that you “get” them. You might use phrases such as, “Me too!” “I thought I was the only one!” “I didn’t realize you enjoy that, I like it too!”

In that “me too” moment, you help that person remember that they are not alone in this world, and that there is at least one other person that “gets” them.

The more “me too” moments you can create, the more points of connection you create.

Here are more tips for creating connections that get people to trust you:

Get permission before offering them your advice. They might be simply telling you their story and not looking for your feedback, so don’t assume. Invite them to consider whether they want you to participate. You might say, “That’s really interesting. I have an idea that might be helpful to you, would you like me to share it?”

In sales, the word “no” is seldom respected. So ask permission before making a presentation of any kind: “It will only take 5 minutes, if you don’t mind my taking that time to share this with you.” Asking permission shows respect and indicates that you think of them as an equal, not someone to be dominated.

Ask for feedback. When offering them information, ask what they think and how they feel about it. “I’d love your thoughts. “Can you tell me your opinion?” “I feel strongly about that, how do you feel?” “What would you do in a situation like that?” “Have you ever done something like this before?”

Be helpful, even if they’re not ready to buy right now or do a joint venture or promote your product right now. Share resources with them, introduce them to people who can help them, and find ways to be an asset to them, not a liability.

Using these methods you’ll build connections, trust, and you’ll grow your network exponentially, thus growing your business.

Increase Traffic Running Through Your Website

Increasing traffic running through your site is one thing, but getting a good number of people to stay and actually view what your site has to offer is another. If your site is all about routing traffic to other sites that you’re advertising, then you won’t really need to worry much about your page view count. However, if you’re running a website whose purpose is to get people to stay and view your content, then you should focus less on getting traffic to simply run to your site and focus more on the number of people actually willing to see what you have to offer. Here are some pretty simple tips to follow.

Keep your material fresh – the need for quality material in a website goes without saying, but unfortunately most people seem to forget this simple fact. Unless your website has real substance to it’s content you’ll find people unwilling to stick around. Aside from writing your own articles with an eye towards quality, you can also try and look for reliable article providers with solid pools of ghostwriters who can make decent material for you to use. If you have some decent talent at writing you can just edit these articles to suit your site’s flavor.

Keep your site navigation user friendly – one good way to kick up your site’s page views is to keep it’s navigation functions very easy to use. A highly visible search button is one very important feature, and of course links to your major section pages have to be displayed prominently. Some people make their site navigation clunky on purpose on the mistaken belief that people viewing their site will be forced to jump all over the place trying to find their way around, thus increasing page views. However, this actually leads to people dropping out of a site the instant they find that the navigation is garbage. I know I do.

Minimize on the bling – another common mistake made by a lot of websites is to put as much flashy-glowy stuff on their site as possible to act as eye catchers. This is usually to cover up a lack of any real substance to the website’s materials. It’s rather akin to a car that has far too many decals, a spoiler, flashy rims, oversized muffler, etc. but having a substandard engine. Minimize on the banners and animations on your site, and give people things they can USE on your site.

Highlight the important details – increasing page views on your site is made easier when you highlight the most important sections of it and present them on the main page. This not only makes it easy for people to navigate your site, it also offers them a quick overview of what you have to offer at a glance. Granted, this will not work if your website’s contents are lackluster to begin with – in which case refer to advice #1…

Make your site interactive – lastly, one very good method to increase your page views is to give your viewers a chance to do things on your site for themselves. Things like having a “suggestions” portion, or active forums on your site where people can interact, will make them know that they have an actual say in how your website works. This gives them a sense of belonging that can encourage them to come back repeatedly.

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7 Keys to Generate JV Targeted Traffic for Your Website

Joint ventures are short-term partnerships between two or more companies wishing to attain certain goals. If you wish to have joint venture partners help generate huge targeted traffic for your website, consider the following 7 key suggestions.

Tip #1 Choose joint venture partners who are in the same business as you are. This doesn’t mean combining forces with your competitors. It’s possible but quite tricky to accomplish but you should think more along the lines of those offering complementary products and services. If you are selling photography ebooks, an ideal joint venture partner would be a book critic, retailer or a professional photographer.

Tip #2 Joint venture partners with their own opt-in lists may agree to scratch your back if you agree to scratch theirs. More to the point, they’ll agree to promoting about your website or, at the very least, using your website as one of their recommended links if you agree to do the same for their website. Secondly, post the subscription form of your JV partners on your website. Let your readers know what they can expect to enjoy when they opt-in to your partner’s email list. And yes, have your JV partners do the same for you. If you can wrangle this agreement from your JV partners, make sure that both of you know what to say about each other. Both of you should focus on the key benefits offered by the endorsed product. At the end, don’t forget to mention how buying your product would complement use of the endorsed item.

Tip #3 Another give-and-take project for you and your joint venture partners is by exchanging articles. Let him host yours and vice versa. You could also partially revise the articles to provide a stronger connection between your products and his. Remember to have a brief description about your business as well as your website address pasted at the end of every article.

Tip #4 Use joint ventures to make up for your inadequacies. If your advertisements have excellent content but poor visual quality, find an artist willing to work with you and with the ability to appreciate your flair for words. Better ads can generate more traffic and the same results will show up every time you eradicate another flaw of yours.

Tip #5 Become co-owners of a blog. Discussions can be quite interesting when there’s more than one opinion involved. Of course, it’s important to set up some rules to prevent the idea from backfiring. First, choose a topic that all of you are at least familiar with, if not knowledgeable about. Having opposing perspectives is fun, but make sure everyone’s clear that what you’re about to have is just a friendly debate to generate traffic and nothing else. It’s purely business and nothing personal. Remember to post the links to your websites at the end.

Tip #6 Make a deal with your JV partners about posting a certain number of comments on your partners websites or blogs each day. Ask your JV partners to include your website in his link section. Every time you think of something new, remember to include or add it to the joint venture contract you and your JV partners have signed. If there’s none, it’s better that you make one to avoid future complications.

Tip #7 Lastly, evaluate and monitor results from your strategies to see which needs greater support, modification, or a complete change of direction.

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Sell THIS And You Will Sell More Products Guaranteed

There’s only one thing you need to sell as an online marketer, and it’s not your website or your blog posts or your products. It’s you.

Sell THIS And You Will Sell More Products Guaranteed

Why do more people buy products from another list owner or blogger than you?

Because those people trust that person more than they trust you.

This doesn’t mean you’re not trust worthy – not at all.

It just means they don’t know you. They don’t know your name, or if they know your name they don’t know what you stand for or if you’re just like them.

To get someone to trust you, you have to get them to like you.

To get someone to like you, you have to be like them. People like people who agree with them.

Just look at politics and you’ll see what I mean.

But don’t get confused – I’m not saying you should take a poll, see what people like and then try to be that person.

It won’t work because you cannot and will not please everybody. It’s impossible, and you shouldn’t even try.

Instead, you should be a bigger, brighter and BOLDER version of yourself.

Form your own opinions. I don’t mean read an opinion you agree with and then be a parrot – that’s what everyone does.

Instead, start thinking for yourself and forming your own opinions. Then vocalize those opinions in your emails, your blog posts and your videos.

When you do, here’s what will happen:

Some people will think you’re annoying as can be. They’ll even tell you this. They’ll stop reading your blog or they’ll unsubscribe from your list. This is good. This is what you want.

Because at the same time, other people will take notice and say, “Hey! That guy or gal is right! What else do they have to say?”

These are your followers, your tribe, your customers for life. These are the people who will buy a product simply because you point to it and say, “Buy this.”

They will buy because they like you. They will like you because you are like them. And they will trust you because they like you.

Be yourself. Don’t be aggressive or arrogant, but be vocal about your opinions. Build your tribe. Your tribe will LOVE you. Ignore those who don’t love you.

This is how you sell yourself. And once you can sell yourself, you can sell anything you want to sell.

Make Money Using Newsletter or Ezine Advertising

One of the easiest ways to sell products, get customers to sign up and make profits is to use newsletter advertising or Ezine advertising. What is an Ezine Advertising? Ezine is also known as the newsletters. Ezine stands for Electronic Magazine. This is a low cost medium that gives good results on your advertisements. Ezine advertises on emails through newsletters. For marketing experts working online, they say Ezine is the best choice when it comes to advertising. Advantages of Ezine Advertising

1. Ezine advertising has a trust factor. More and more subscribers trust publishers than any others.

2. Ezine has the ability to deliver more. Since Ezine are published online and are delivered through emails, more people will have the chance to see advertisements than the usual marketing on emails.

3. Ezines has a sense of readership. Most subscribers read the Ezine contents where they are subscribed to because most of them are highly educational.

4. Ezine has a highly targeted audience. Most Ezines cover topics for most of the interest of the readers. This is huge!

5. Ezines and Newsletters are profitable and highly cost effective. They are proven cost effective and generate a lot of responses than the traditional advertising.

Purchasing advertisements through Ezines and newsletters won’t hurt, because it offers good values for your money and your advertisement. Now what are the best tips and guidelines to purchase an advertisement through newsletters? Before you purchase an advertising space on Ezine, you need to evaluate the Ezine first. Here are some of the ways to get you started.

1. Always watch out for the frequency and the types of advertisements on that particular Ezine. When you find that some ads have never been repeated then you can tell the advertisers on that Ezine that it does not generate good results.

2. Always watch out your budget. Make sure that you can comply with the rates the Ezine will charge to you. When you think that it is very high the advertising cost per issue then you can ask about reports on the response rates from the site advertisers.

3. Always check if the Ezine has a satisfaction guarantee.

4. Carefully ask an advertiser about the response rates they had on their ads. Also ask them how many times they advertise them on Ezine. If you are still looking for some Ezines, tell them that you consider advertising with them. In this nice way, you can get any information you want to know with that Ezine.

5. Always be direct when dealing with advertisers because like you they are business owners and they don’t want to waste time. So be brief and polite to ask them what you really want.

6. The Ezine publisher is the other one you need to communicate with when you want an Ezine advertising. You can ask questions that will give you the things you are interested at. Such questions include feedbacks from past and current advertisers, policies on advertising, subscribers and the type of ads they are accepting. Also you can ask if longer ads have special offers.

These are some of the guidelines you need to know when you purchase advertisements in Ezines. Most business enthusiasts put a considerable amount in these advertising tools and Ezines never failed them. Just make sure that you properly evaluate the Ezine to find the one that will serve your target market. Ezine is the best way to get prospective customers with less cost. Start with Ezine to move your way and earn more!

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8 Tips Using Forums as a Way of Generating Traffic

Almost all forums in the Internet are free to join. They are places where people of like minds are able to meet and discuss a variety of topics. What few people don’t realize, however, that forums are also ideal for generating traffic to your website.

Tip #1 Start by choosing a username that will let people know immediately what kind of person you are or more specifically, what kind of website you’ll ultimately be promoting. If you have a pet dog website, something like the “Doggie Master” is ideal. It must be something catchy and helps people remember what your online business is.

Tip #2 Work on your profile. Most forums will let you display as little or as much of your contact information. It will be to your advantage if you give out your complete contact details so that anyone inclined to talk to you later on won’t have any difficulties finding out your email address or residential address. Never forget to include your website’s URL: this is always included in profile details and gives you another chance to post an inbound link to your website.

Tip #3 Take advantage of the signature usually provided by a forum’s account and profile settings. Use it to issue an invitation to visit your website or describe how they’d benefit from visiting your website. Of course, make sure to include your website’s URL in your signature, too. Do the same when there’s an About Me section provided.

Tip #4 For your account’s icon, use your website’s logo if it includes your website’s URL. If not, then create a new image that will indeed display your website’s URL prominently.

Tip #5 Start mingling. The more active you are in forums, the greater chances you’ll get to generate traffic for your website. Begin with the various threads requiring new members to introduce themselves. Post on those threads and give a short introduction to yourself and what you do. You don’t need to include your website’s URL because your signature below as long as you’ve enabled its display will take care of that for you. When other new members create new threads to introduce themselves, make sure you drop by and welcome them, too.

Tip #6 Look for threads where you can showcase your expertise and knowledge. Other members in the forum won’t trust you immediately and that’s why you need to work on building your credibility first. Share your wisdom without sounding condescending and let others know that you’d appreciate any kind of feedback they could give you.

Tip #7 Some forums have their own marketplaces within. If the forum you’ve joined has one then of course you should post about the products and services you’re offering in your website. Give forum members discounts and other special promo offers so they’ll be more encouraged to visit your website.

Tip #8 All work and no play makes you a very boring person. It limits the potential traffic you can generate from forums as well. Anytime you feel like posting on threads, do so. It doesn’t matter if it’s not related to your business. You’ll still get your exposure from it because of the URL displayed on your icon, profile, and signature.

For more tips on generating traffic from forums, visit http://www.thebarkingvideos.com/ and check out How to Bring Traffic to Your Sites by Using Forums.

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How to Double Your Business Income Fast

If you already sell your own products, you can double your income in no time at all by adding new price points to your marketing funnel. You don’t even need to create any new products – just new services that take very little of your time. Here’s how it works…

How to Double Your Business Income Fast

Let’s say you’ve got one or more products in the $20-$50 dollar range that teach something you’re good at. And for this example, let’s say that your product is a book on how to make a website super user friendly so that people stay and buy, rather than getting lost and confused and leaving. (This is a major market, by the way. Hint hint.)

In addition to your book, you can add a personal 1 hour consultation for $97 to $197 to look at and give feedback on one of their websites.

You could also offer to be on retainer for a certain fee per month to check each of their websites monthly and point out the changes they need to make. This fee would depend on the number of sites they have and are adding each month.

You could further offer a coaching service in which you train people to be usability experts and charge others for their services. In this case, you might charge $1,000 or even $2,000 a month for 3-6 months to make them experts.

Whatever your niche is, odds are you can add additional service-type programs that will easily double the amount of money you’re already making.

If you sell just 5 $97 one-time consultations a month, that’s another $5,820 a year.

If you sell an ongoing service at $297 a month and you’ve got 12 clients, that’s $42,768 a year.

If you take 4 new coaching clients for 6 months at a time, twice a year at $1,000 a month, that’s another $48,000 a year.

And none of these services have to take a lot of time. In the case of the 1 hour consult, obviously it’s an hour. And your real money here will be derived from upselling one of your more expensive consulting or coaching packages.

If you’re a consultant, you might be spending a couple of hours a week on each client. If you’re a coach, you might spend an hour a week on the phone, and answer their email questions 3 to 5 days a week.

And notice that you didn’t have to create any new products to do this. You’ve already got the knowledge and expertise – you’re simply offering more of it in a highly personalized manner. Your clients get tremendous benefit this way, much more so than they could by simply buying your book.

You’re happy, your clients are happy, and here’s a bonus: Anyone that you personally work with – even if it’s only for an hour – is far more likely to buy your products in the future, regardless of price.

Do you plan to release a $997 product in six months? Offer your customers personalized attention that greatly benefits them, and you will hit the ground running with sales when you launch your expensive product, guaranteed.

Take a few minutes now and think about what you can offer your existing and future customers that A) Provides them with a tremendous amount of value and B) You can perform in a minimal amount of time. Then quickly write up a page explaining your new service, send it to your existing customers and add it to your sales funnel. You could be making new sales in less than 24 hours.

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

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Tiny Sites You Can Build and Flip in a Day

If you know how to build websites – or you’re willing to learn – you can make some extra money doing this. The sites are small – only one page – and they don’t take long to build. Yet you can sell them for $100 – $300 on sites like Flippa.

Tiny Sites You Can Build and Flip in a Day

Sometimes you might even get more money, but let’s be conservative.

Your first step is to locate some kind of service online that’s basically automated. It might be article writing, clicks, video creation, etc. The possibilities are endless. The criteria you’re looking for is; someone goes to that site, chooses what they want and checks out without having contact with the site owner.

Let’s say you find a site that will write one blog post for $5, 10 blog posts for $40 and 25 blogposts for $95.

Now you buy a url like, BlogPostsWrittenForYou.com or something along those lines.

You then build a one page website that describes the service, what they get, the turn around time, etc. You’re selling the service. Make it look professional but don’t spend years creating it – it shouldn’t take longer than one morning or afternoon.

Put your buttons in place for each of the options, but don’t hook them up to anything. And raise the price of each option. You might make it $10 for 1 post, $75 for 10 posts and $150 for 20 posts.

Then you use Flippa or one of the website selling services online to post your site for sale. Of course you’ve done no SEO or anything else hard. You haven’t driven any traffic. You haven’t made any sales. So you’re going to be talking about the potential of what the site might do once it’s unleashed.

The buyer of the site just needs to hook up the buttons to their PayPal, take payments and customer details and then pass the info along to the real service to do the fulfillment.

The site buyer keeps the difference between what they collect and what they pay for the services, much like a store keeps the mark up on products that they sell.

You could do one or two of these a day for a nice side income.

Just be sure to be honest – it’s a new site with tons of potential, not a track record. That’s why you’re only going to get $100 to $300 or so per sale, not thousands of dollars. But you didn’t put much time into it, so it’s still a good return on your own investment.

And once you get good at this, you could outsource the website creation, too.

So, if you are still wondering “Why should I start making money from home” you should really be asking how soon can I start? Check out the program below for an honest way to make money online. It is working for me…

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