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Website Traffic Needs Quantity and Quality!

With all the traffic-generating software available today providing easy ways to get lots of traffic redirected to your website, it’s easy to lose track of the bottom line. Your website’s main purpose is to do something other than just generating hits. It can be the promotion of a product, or providing information on a certain subject. Whatever the case, the volume of traffic running through a site is a major determinant in it’s success as a website. However, this is only part of the equation, and some people lose track of their website’s main goal in the race to get more hits than everybody else. Eventually, this leads to their ruin, no matter how many hits they get. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to keep your website’s original, main purpose in mind at all times. Granted, aggressive online marketing software can get you a lot of hits – but will you KEEP those people coming back to your website? That’s the question. Always focus first on what you’re about. Keep your content fresh and always make sure that you give people a reason to come back and visit you, or you’ll wind up the proverbial flash in the pan.

Aside from making your website itself interesting, you have to select your target traffic wisely. Simply bombarding tons of people to visit your website in the belief that the “good” ones will stick around doesn’t always hold true. Why? Because the sheer volume of traffic made up of mostly casual browsers or even misdirected hits from any traffic-generating software you’re using will ultimately cause lag and bog your site down. This can turn off even those who might have otherwise wanted to browse, or conduct business with you in the first place.

So you need to do your research when selecting your target audience. This is made easier by the fact that most software meant to either generate or attract traffic can be customized to your specifications – how aggressive it gets, what types of advertisement to use, parameters on email addresses and websites contacted, that sort of thing. This ability to customize should be used fully to make sure that the audience you reach is the one you want to.

Often, it is a good bet to aim for a smaller but solid customer base that will generate constant traffic from coming back often. Then you can expand from there, slowly building up by looking for more clients to contact. You can also improve your website as you go along to cater to your existing traffic, using things like referral systems to get browsers to participate and bring people they know in (which makes them inclined to stay even more since they’ll have friends using your site too). Naturally, this gradual ramp-up can also allow you to improve your site to meet the increasing number of traffic going through.

This will be rather different from the usual “randomized” traffic pulled in by traffic generators, who will be there one moment and gone the next, making your traffic spike wildly. Aim instead for a gradually increasing curve to your traffic rate that rarely diminishes and often increases. In this way you can make sure that your website becomes a long-term investment of your time, money, and effort.

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Advanced Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

With the thousands of websites now on the Internet, it is not difficult to imagine why traffic is such an important issue for online marketing experts. Website traffic, at its simplest, means that people go regularly to your website and by this, we mean unique, human, living and breathing visitors, not just search engine robots (which, of course, count for visitors on many tallies).

Another dimension of traffic includes the duration of stay of visitors on a site. Some people will stay on a site for a few seconds, then click away from it because it is not attractive or useful enough, or even because it is difficult to navigate or confusing to look at. Other people will stay on a site for hours, and for many different reasons: a site’s contents can be extremely useful, its navigation can be intuitive and easy to decipher, and the site itself is friendly to visitors and entertaining or engaging to readers. In order to make your site all these, and to drive traffic to your website, you will need to employ many different methods, both site and traffic wise.

First of all, you need to know the power of the two major bigwigs that ensure Internet surfing ease today: the taggers and the search engines. Taggers are actual humans: they are your average Internet users who access digg and stumbleupon, who look at social networks, and who are immersed well enough in the universe of the Internet so that they know the likes, dislikes, whims, desires, and quirks of the members of the web world.

In order to prosper online, you need to catch the attention of these taggers. First of all, start making yourself visible in social tagging networks. Digg and stumbleupon are only the two major players; try to network as well in larger places such as FaceBook, Linkedin, MySpace, Multiply, Pinterest or Friendster, or anywhere where people congregate and exchange ideas and links. When fashioning your profile in these networks, always include the URL of your website, and maintain a simple blog that either links to your main blog, or has useful articles that will make people go to your main URL.

The other major players are the search engines. Search engines index your site under certain keywords or key phrases, and through the help of crawling and indexing software called spiders or robots. Such software will pick up keywords and key phrases from the text content of your site, and will place your site under the listings for these keywords and key phrases if the keywords and key phrases appear at a certain density. When users search for these keywords and key phrases in the search engine, then your site will appear at a certain ranking, depending on your popularity.

Take note of the fact that it is your site text content that is considered when determining your indexing status, not your graphics. Search engines crawl only through text, so you may want to put your important information in text, not graphics, such as animation or videos. If you have important animation or videos, then places descriptions for such files so that the search engines can still recognize the presence of such multimedia. You also need to take note that not all your users will be patient enough to wait for large graphics and multimedia files to download, so you may want to take advantage of text and place all important information on immediately.

There are also advertisement networks that you can join in order to make your site more visible, but you need to take care of your website first to ensure that traffic is directed again and again onto your online home.

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5 Tips to Having a Money Making List

If you have an opt-in list but you don’t know what to do about it, at least you’re in the right direction. But if you don’t even have an opt-in list to offer then you definitely need to create one right now. An opt-in list, when managed properly, can easily drive massive targeted traffic to your site and maybe even make your profit margin zoom up along the way. What’s an Opt-In List? An opt-in list is a list of customers who have willingly provided you with their email addresses for a specified purpose. What Can You Get from an Opt-In List? An opt-in list is a list of prospective customers. These people wouldn’t have given you their email addresses if they had zero interest in your products and services. All you have to do next is find a way to make even the tiniest nugget of interest grow into an intention to try out and eventually, avail of what you’re offering.

An opt-in list also provides you a very affordable way to contact prospective customers. Emails, as you know, don’t cost you a cent, no matter how many times you send a message. The only potential cost you?ll have to worry about is legal fines if you’ve been identified as spammer. But you already have that covered since all your recipients have opted-in to your list and if they’ve forgotten about it, you have their subscription forms to prove your claim.

Ultimately, your opt-in list represents a perennial opportunity to sell. These people belong to your target market and you now have the means of contacting them with their permission. When you figure out what exactly they want and need from you then the money will start rolling in. 5 Tips on How to Create an Opt-In List

Tip #1 Never ignore the “opt-in” aspect of your list-building strategy. Regardless of how you’ve acquired the email addresses of potential customers, none of it can be added to your list unless they opted to do so. If someone catches you doing otherwise, your reputation will immediately suffer but more than that, you are in danger of being charged by the government for violating the US CAN-SPAM law.

Tip #2 Create an easy opt-in list form. In most cases, it would do to have a form that asks the person’s full name, valid email address, and for the person to click the box signifying his agreement to receive future emails for a specified purpose.

Tip #3 Figure out a way to bait them. Once in a blue moon, there?d be an individual visiting your website with earnest intentions to join your list and get a hold of your offers. But it’s impractical to rely on those rare beings completely. Most people who visit your website aren’t like that. Most people need you to woo them first. Consider recycling use of your baits. For this month, you could urge them to opt-in by offering a free ebook. Next month, you could inveigle them to joining by offering special discounts. This way, you get to attract all sorts of people without hurting your pockets too much.

Tip #4 The first email sent to those who have opted-in to your list is the most important of all messages. Welcome them with a personalized message. Provide your recipients with the assurance that you’ll only contact them when you truly have something valuable to offer or share. Let them know that they always have the option to unsubscribe from your list, no questions asked.

Tip #5 Build your relationship with them bit by bit. Make sure each email has valuable content and the tireless offer to know more by visiting your website. Sooner or later, your subscribers will see it your way and take you up on your offer.

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Digg to Get You Free Website Traffic

Digg can be considered as an article directory. But unlike regular article directories, it keeps a community of people who actively participates in rating articles, social book marking, and even blogging. Digg also offers syndication of articles, among many other things.

Digg is a very popular website. In fact, it got hordes of members that create big amounts traffic everyday. And because Digg has plenty of visitors, you can very well use it to your advantage. Let Digg’s multitudes give you a good portion of its traffic. And you’ll find out that it is quite easy to do. To use Digg, just create a very interesting story. Of course, with a lot of other people who have submitted articles before you, you can expect yours will be placed at the bottom position. But don’t worry. Digg keeps a record of recently uploaded articles so you have a good chance of getting to your readers. And no, you won’t get to the top of the list or in this case on the home page, after some time of waiting in the sidelines. To get there, people would have to ‘digg’ your story.

To ‘digg’ is synonymous to ‘to vote’ positively in favor of your article. Digg members usually cast their votes after reading your story. And if they find it interesting and informative enough, they would be more that willing to give you their vote. With enough votes, you’ll get to the home page. By estimate, your article should get around 51 votes within 24 hours to reach the top spot. The more votes you get, the better position your article will be.

But why do you need to get to the homepage? Simple. It’s where the traffic really is. When you go to any website, the first thing you’ll ever check out and perhaps the only one you’ll visit, is the home page. Not many people would actually go through the deeper pages of site, unless they are looking for something in particular. So when your story gets to the first page, you are almost assured of at least a thousand page impressions leading to your site. This is how powerful Digg can really be.

So how do you do it? First and foremost, create catchy titles. You have to spend time thinking about the most appropriate, most interesting, and most striking title for your story. Dull titles would never make it. Keep in mind that your titles will be the only thing your potential readers will see and maybe together with the first two lines of story. So if your title isn’t good enough, don’t bother.

Then write your story. Make sure you write about something that’s fresh and up-to-date. Don’t attempt to talk about something everybody knows for ages. Statistics shows that these types of articles don’t make it anywhere near the homepage at all. When writing your story, try to make it more readable by putting numbered lists or bullets. How-to guides usually fairs well. People love reading stories in this format more than anything else.

Now that you can see how Digg can help you boost your website’s traffic, be sure to use it in the next offing. Your article might not do well on your first try. That’s okay. You’ll get better with it as you go along. When generating traffic for your website, try to use everything you can all at the same time. Traffic means profit. So take everything that you can get.

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10 Things Sam Walton Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

Regardless of what people might think of the Walmart we know today, there is a lot to be learned from Walmart’s founder Sam Walton. In fact, if Sam were starting in business in 2020, he would almost undoubtedly be starting that business online.

10 Things Sam Walton Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

So what can we glean from the guy in the old pickup truck who loved retailing?

Don’t worry about what others say about you. At JC Penney’s, his first full time job out of college, the personnel director told Sam, “Walton, I’d fire you if you weren’t such a good salesman. Maybe you’re just not cut out for retail.” No one remembers that man’s name, but Sam built an empire no one is likely to ever forget.

If people are telling you that you’re not cut out for online marketing, just remember Sam and smile.

Go with your strengths. Sam wasn’t good at accounting, he had poor organizational skills and he was hopelessly disorganized. But one thing he could do really well was build a team of people who could handle these things for him.

Focus on your strengths and outsource the rest.

Build relationships. In college, Same wanted to be student body president, so he discovered a trick that he would use for the rest of his life:

“I learned early on that one of the secrets to campus leadership was the simplest thing of all: speak to people coming down the sidewalk before they speak to you. I did that in college. I would always look ahead and speak to the person coming toward me. If I knew them, I would call them by name, but even if I didn’t I would still speak to them. Before long, I probably knew more students than anybody in the university, and they recognized me and considered me their friend.”

Sam made friends every where he went, and you can do the same thing online. Talk to everyone in your niche because you never know who is going to be your next customer, your ally, your promoter, your affiliate or your next joint venture partner.

Be a learning machine. Sam never stopped reading books and taking courses because he understood that the next great idea could come from anywhere.

Choose 5 or 10 proven online marketers to follow, and then read everything they write. Read a marketing book each week, and develop a curiosity for everything related to your field. Keep an open mind and know that your next great idea is hidden right in front of you – you just have to uncover it and act on it.

Learn from your competition. When Sam bought his first store, he realized the store across the street was doing twice as well. So Sam spent time everyday checking out his competitor to see what he was doing, right and wrong. Later he checked out Kmarts, who were ahead of him at the time. Then he visited the headquarters of other retailers who didn’t consider him to be serious competition. Little did they know…

Carefully watch and analyze what other online marketers are doing right and wrong and learn from them. Make friends with them. Ask questions. Bribe them, buy their courses and do whatever it takes to find out what’s already working.

Continually experiment with your business. Sam was continually applying what he learned elsewhere to his stores. Said Sam:

“I think my constant fiddling and meddling with the status quo may have been one of my biggest contributions to the later success of Walmart.”

Learn something and apply it. Make it your mantra: Learn something – innovate. And test, test and test some more to see what is working best. In no other business model in history has it been easier to innovate, test and discover exactly what is working and what needs improving than in online marketing.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – adapt it to your own use. According to Sam, “…most everything I’ve done I’ve copied from somebody else…”

There are plenty of proven online marketing business models you can choose from, so don’t think you have to invent the next revolutionary thing. Instead, take what’s already working and make it even better.

Make mistakes and then move on. Sam didn’t understand the terms of his first lease or how to buy a business. He borrowed money and went into debt to overpay for a failed Ben Franklin store in Newport, Arkansas. After 5 long years of grueling work and long hours, he had quadrupled sales and he had the most successful Ben Franklin store in the region. That’s when the landlord booted him out to give the store to his son to run. There was no where else in town to locate Sam’s store, so he drove across four states looking for a new location. He found one in Bentonville, Arkansas and started over.

It’s okay to get it wrong the first time. In fact, you’re probably going to make mistakes and that’s terrific, because it means you’ve started. You’re moving, you’ve got momentum and you’re making progress. Mistakes aren’t roadblocks, they’re bumps in the road to success.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Says Sam about being thrown out of his own store, “I’ve never been one to dwell on reverses, and I didn’t do so then…. I know I read my leases a lot more carefully after that, and maybe I became a little more wary of just how tough the world can be …. But I didn’t dwell on my disappointment.”

Every moment is a fresh beginning and an opportunity to take what you’ve learned – good and bad – and use it to your advantage.

Enjoy the process and your victories. In his autobiography, which was written on his deathbed, Sam wrote, “Walmart No. 18 … opened in 1969, and it marked our return to Newport … nineteen years after we had basically been run out of town. By then, I was long over what had happened to us down there, and I didn’t have revenge in mind…. As it happened, we did extraordinarily well with our Newport Walmart, and it wasn’t too long before the old Ben Franklin store I had run on Front Street had to close its doors. You can’t say we ran that guy—the landlord’s son—out of business. His customers were the ones who shut him down. They voted with their feet.”

Sometimes success can be a long time in coming, so remember to enjoy the process and the victories along the way. There were 17 successful stores prior to No. 18 and no doubt Sam enjoyed them all. At first, even your smallest successes should be celebrated, whether it’s your first website, your first sale, or your first $10,000 day.

When it comes to success, Sam Walton may have said it best:

“Celebrate your successes. Find humor in your failures. And remember that high expectations are the key to everything.”

Expect to succeed, act as though you are already successful, do the things you need to do to succeed, and the rest will take care of itself.

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6 Viral Keys to Email Marketing

These days, email viral marketing campaigns seem to be more like legends and myths than actual techniques you can use in the Internet. But the truth remains and it’s a fact that email viral marketing campaigns do exist and if you’re lucky then they can also drive targeted traffic to your website. What is an Email Viral Marketing Campaign? Let’s talk about viral marketing first. This method is also known as word-of-mouth marketing and it utilizes just about any strategy that would potentially cause people to advertise about your business with or without knowing and caring. What’s important is that they’re doing it without you paying a cent.

Now, email viral marketing campaigns are simply viral marketing techniques utilizing mainly emails as a means of passing the message to other people. Creating an email viral marketing campaign is simple, affordable, and easy but first you need an idea. Well, not just any idea but a great idea to base your campaign on.

6 Tips on Making an Email Viral Marketing Campaign. Be aware that statistics show how satisfied customers relay their positive feelings about something they’ve availed of to an average of three people. Negative feelings reach more ears however or eleven eager listeners. The latter figure may be daunting but don’t let yourself get intimidated. Just remind yourself of the three prospective customers who may have heard nice things about your business and you’ll do fine.

Tip #1 Email updates must always include pertinent details about your website. This must not be limited to contact information but also include the products and services together with other promotions you’re offering. Last but not the least, include an option for members to forward your email. Forwarding is already one simple way for people to participate in your email viral marketing campaign even if they don’t know it.

Tip #2 Create or have a professional create games that promote your business. You can then email this to members of your e-zine subscription. If the game’s simple, fun, and easy to download you can definitely trust your members to share the fantastic (free) game you’re offering.

Tip #3 Set your readers on fire. Successful email viral marketing campaigns have at least one thing in common and that is its ability to command your emotions and set your heart racing until you can’t resist its powerful pleas to visit your website.

Tip #4 Keep people on their toes. Another way to incite excitement from your readers and ensure that they’ll spread news about your website is by doing the unexpected once in a while and surprising people around you. People just won’t be excited to talk about you if you’re only doing the same thing over and over.

Tip #5 Never imitate. People who have participated in email viral marketing campaigns tend to have excellent memory. If they notice that you’re doing the same thing over and over, be prepared to have other companies to retaliate for bad business practice and for people to turn their backs on you. Be creative. Be original. Use your imagination and your customers will do the rest.

Tip #6 Make follow-ups. Your first campaign was successful. What next? One thing you should never do is rest on your laurels. Instead get right back to the drawing board and start planning for the next email viral marketing campaign. Constantly bombarding your customers with one excellent offer after another will carve a permanent place of your business in their minds.

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4 Tips to Increase Profits with eBooks

You can never underestimate the power of the ebooks. After all, there are too many benefits a reader can get from them. First of all, they’re quite easy to make. As long as you have a topic to write about, outline, and a compiler or converter, you’re good to go. Also, you can allow your ebook to earn higher revenue for you and your business.

Here are the different ways on how you can increase your profits by selling or creating your own ebook:

1. Create your own ebook. This is one of the traditional ways on how you can earn your money through your ebook. You can then sell them for a good price, depending on your topic. Easier ones can go as low as $5; those that are more difficult to discuss can be as expensive as $20. Nevertheless, you can’t simply produce your own ebook. There are a number of things that you have to consider. First of all, it’s ideal if you can develop your outline. This is to ensure that you don’t get lost while you?re in the process of building up your pages. Because you’re banking on your contents, you also have to focus on your writing style. The best-sellers are those that sound conversational, where technical terms are carefully explained in layman’s terms. You can also try to add some images and tables to further emphasize the different points of your ebook. Don’t forget to include subheadings. It will be more convenient for your readers to scan and read your ebook. After all, you can’t really expect them to read the ebook from cover to cover.

2. Sell your ebook rights to your buyers. When it comes to your ebooks, you don’t have to limit them to your direct customers. It can even be viral if you can allow your buyers to resell them to their own targeted customers. Moreover, it will also increase the traffic going into your website, if you have embedded links into your ebooks.

3. You can carry advertisements in your ebook. Do you have some free space in your ebook? Why don’t you sell them to different advertisers? This is also one of the best ways on how you can practically earn more money through your ebooks. However, don?t wait for your ebook to be near completion before you can actually look for advertisers. Even in your planning stage, you can already approach some of them. Nevertheless, because there are a number of them who may not be too keen on having their ads on your ebook before it’s finished, you can talk to your webmaster-friends. Surely, they’ll be glad to put up some of their banners and text ads in your ebooks.

4. Sell your licenses. You can actually sell the license of your content to companies and markets that may be related to your chosen niche. A good catch, though, is to provide a license fee for your ebook. This way, they can make use of the data and information in your ebook to further their growth while you continuously earn from their usage of your material. You see, there’s definitely money in ebooks. What’s more, you don’t have to settle for long pages. What’s basically essential is you can express your thoughts properly and concisely.

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10 Things You MUST KNOW About Using Paid Solo Ads

Using paid solo ads might be one of the easiest and fastest ways to test out your marketing funnel, to build your list and even to make a quick profit. Yet most new Internet marketers are deathly afraid to try paid solo ads. It’s likely because…

10 Things You MUST KNOW About Using Paid Solo Ads

A) They have to set up their funnel first and
B) They have to PAY for the solo ads

It’s scary. What if they don’t get a response? What if they blow it? What if they choose the wrong solo ad provider, or write the wrong email, or create a squeeze page that doesn’t convert, or…

If you try hard enough, you can find a hundred reasons not to use paid solo ads. But if you get over your fear, you might find that there is no better or faster way to build an Internet marketing business.

Since having the knowledge to be successful tends to trump fear, I’m going to give you some tips to help you make your solo ads successful and even profitable as quickly as possible.

Write a solo ad that targets exactly who you want. You’re paying by the click, which means the solo ad seller will continue to mail until you get the number of clicks you pay for. So don’t write just any ad – write one that directly targets the exact people you want to reach. This builds a higher quality list that is more responsive, compared to a less responsive generic list.

Monetize your funnel immediately. Don’t just settle for building a list with your squeeze page – put in a sales page for a related product immediately after the squeeze page. Your goal is to make enough sales to pay for your mailing.

Further monetize your funnel with an upsell and a downsell. They didn’t buy the product on the sales page? Make a smaller offer. They bought the product? Offer them something else to buy, too.

Maximize your conversions by being 100% consistent. If your solo mailing says they get a free video series on the 3 best traffic driving methods, then that’s what your squeeze page should say, too. Don’t change the topic from your solo ad to your squeeze page or you’ll confuse your prospects into leaving without signing up.

Try twice to sign them onto your list. If they don’t sign up on your squeeze page, then use an exit pop to try one more time to capture their email address.

Alternate method: Use your exit splash for your main offer. This way if they don’t join your list, they still see the offer. Consider your priority – is it making money now, or building your list? If it’s making money now, show them the sales page. If it’s building your list, try one last time to capture their email.

Use an effective follow up series. To further monetize your new list, put an autoresponder series in place that contains several offers in addition to all the good info and credibility building stuff you want to add.

Recruit affiliates within your solo ad funnel. Don’t just settle for building your prospect and customer lists – build your affiliate list as well. Send out a request for affiliates within your autoresponder sequence. This can be on the first email you send, or the second. “Welcome to ___. In the coming weeks you’re going to discover (insert benefits.) Affiliates: If you’d like to earn commissions, please visit ___ for all the details and to sign up.” Easy.

Mail new subscribers daily. Yes, daily. You want them to get to know you and become accustomed to receiving, opening and reading your emails.

Track everything. You want to know what people are doing, what they’re buying and when they’re buying it within the funnel and in the autoresponder series. Tweak accordingly to make your funnel as profitable as possible. The more you’re making, the more you can afford to spend on solo ads to build your lists even bigger.

Think about it – if you spend $100 to get 250 clicks, and you have your funnel optimized to convert at 50%, you’re adding 125 people to your list each time. If your funnel is further optimized to clear $150 on offers, upsells and downsells, that’s excellent.

Each time you spend $100, you’re earning $50 profit and building your list. How many times could you do this per day? As many as you want, because you’re in profit.

Best case scenario: You have your own products and thus when sales are made, 100% of the money goes straight into your account. And since you get paid immediately, you can immediately reinvest those funds in additional mailings.

Second best case scenario: You don’t have your own products, but you’re using an affiliate program that pays you immediately. Since you’re not making 100% of the profit, you’ll have to work harder on optimizing your funnel to make it profitable, but it’s still quite doable. And since you get paid immediately, you can immediately reinvest those funds in additional mailings.

Worst case scenario: You’re using an affiliate product from some place like ClickBank, where it takes awhile to get paid. You can still make money this way and still build your list, but the challenge is obvious: You won’t be able to immediately reinvest your profits in additional mailings.

Still, even the worst case scenario is far, far better than doing nothing. And once you are building your list, you can also look into doing ad swaps with reputable marketers – you mail your list for them, they mail their list for you, and it costs you nothing.

Just be sure their products and their reputations make you look good. You don’t want to send your list anything that will bite you in the end.

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The 3 Copywriting Lies You Need to Know

These are without a doubt the biggest mistakes new marketers tend to make when it comes to copywriting…
The 3 Copywriting Lies You Need to Know
Lie #1: Good copywriting uses lots of exclamation points and over-the-top jargon a 5 year old wouldn’t believe.
“This Brand New Revolutionary Never Before Seen Blah Blah Will Explode Your (Bank Account! Abs!! Sex Life!!! Etc.)” Seriously, who really wants their abs to explode???
“This Revolutionary Once In A Lifetime Opportunity Is Only Available To You Because You’re So Damn Handsome, But It Will Disappear In 10 Minutes And Then You’ll Be Ugly Forever!!!” Okayyyy…….
“This Incredibly Awesome Majestic Indescribable Super Secret Opportunity That Only The Super Duper Uber Wealthy Rich Know About Can Be Yours Because This One Rich Nerd Guy Decided To Spill The Beans Because He’s Really Angry At All The Other Rich Jerk Guys!!!” Yeah, who doesn’t believe that?
If you think you need exclamation points, it means you really need a thesaurus. Writer Henneke Duistermaat gives some great examples of this. Instead of “It’s big!” Try “It’s enormous.” Instead of writing, “That was brave!” Use, “That was heroic.” Finding the right words instead of lazily using exclamation points makes your writing more persuasive and tantalizing.
And forget wild promises and over the top worn out phrases. Instead, try being honest and genuine, like you’re talking to a friend over tea. Your sales copy will get noticed and read because it sounds like it’s coming from a real person and not the worst possible version of a used car salesman.
Lie #2 – You can simply ‘swipe’ your way to copywriting success.
Just rip off other writers, substitute your product for theirs, change a little bit here and there and call it good, right? Yes, it will save you time and yes, you might make some sales.
But to be truly successful and to BE a success (two different things, btw) you need fresh thinking and honest copy.
Because unless you are selling the exact same product to the exact same customers, ripping off someone else’s copy won’t provide the sensational conversions you’re looking for.
Telling your own story in your own way will.
Think about every blog that you read on a regular basis. Could someone else write those blogs and have them be the same? No. If someone tried to rip them off, would they be as successful as the original authors? No.
Once you master copywriting you’ll have a tremendous amount of power to write your own paychecks because you will be the source of new ideas and perspectives that resonate with your customers and create buying frenzies.
Lie #3 – Copywriting is super simple, once you know the ‘secrets.’
That’s right – just spend $997 for my latest course and in no time at all you’ll know all the secrets of the pros and you’ll be a copywriting savant.
Actually, no. No there are no secrets and you won’t become a copywriting wiz overnight.
The fact is, there are a multitude of books and courses that will teach you about copywriting. But there are no real secrets except this – there is no substitution for practice. And more practice. And more practice after that.
Hopefully this won’t sound too sentimental, but great copywriting is about one thing: Caring.
Caring for your customer, caring that he gets the best possible solution to his problem, caring enough to see to it that you make every effort to get that solution in his hands.
It’s about empathy and stepping into your customers’ shoes. Seeing life from his or her perspective. Living with the problem they have, knowing what it’s like to desperately want the solution.
You can’t outsmart your prospects. What you can do is be one of them so you can talk to them and counsel them as they would want to be talked to and counseled.
When you learn how to do that, you’ll be a great copywriter indeed.

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4 Tips to a Great Online Newsletter

There are a lot of new things happening everywhere. And people always want to get updated. They want to know the first thing about something. You can say that people love rumors and gossips. It doesn’t sound real good, but it’s true. And you can capitalize on that need for information to drive massive traffic to your website.

The good thing about online newsletters is that they’re very easy to do. Unlike the newsletters sent in the mail, you need not buy loads of paper, send the manuscript to the printer, and distribute the newsletters to your subscribers. You will certainly need big money to complete the whole cycle that way. And it repeats every time you need to deliver another issue of the newsletter.

On the internet world, you can create a newspaper very simply. And sometimes, even for free. All you need is good newsletter or graphics software, a penchant for writing, nice images, and a functional email system. You can even create the perfect newsletter in hours. Then submit it to every person in your subscriber list within minutes. And there are no trees that get hurt in the whole process!

In order to make your newsletter successful, here are good tips to follow;

1. Make sure you have a comprehensive email list. The most striking newsletter would be nothing if it fails to reach the right people. Newsletters usually revolve around a certain topic, group, or idea. Don’t send car-racing newsletters to elderly people or to women because there are lesser chances that they get interested in reading it. Target your newsletter. Then distribute it over the right channels.

2. Sprinkle links to your site optimally. The whole purpose as to why you are creating a newsletter is to make sure people will get interested enough to regularly check out your website. Don’t ever forget to put the correct anchor links and texts on the right places. Put just enough of them. Putting too much would turn off readers. Putting too little may not produce the desired effect.

3. Leave your readers something. Newsletters should not be used for mere marketing purposes only. Content and information is very important. If you fail to stimulate the minds of your readers, they might not read your newsletter in the next offing. Worse, they could merely delete it or tag it as spam. That’s the worse thing that could happen to you and your dream to drive traffic to your site.

4. Don’t forget the gossips. Hard facts and pertinent information are good. But sometimes, they can be boring. You’ve got to find ways to put some harmless gossips on the pages of your newsletter. It doesn’t have to be real gossips all the time. Freebies, new offerings, and promotions that could get your readers interested should be good enough. Give them something they can’t resist.

With these things in mind, you should be able to create the type of newsletter readers look forward to each day. And when that happens, everything flows naturally. The traffic to your website will be much more than you could have expected. And you definitely deserve it, after all the hard work you put on those newsletters! So start creating one today. With a good target list, you could have loads of fresh new traffic tomorrow!

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