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Offline Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Offline techniques could drive traffic to your site in many ways. If your website can easily be seen in a billboard across the metropolis, then people will be reminded to always check it out every time feel like buying something that you offer. The internet world is not an entirely different world. The ‘real’ world and the world wide web meet every now and then. So it is important that you implement offline marketing techniques as much as you promote over the internet.

There are many offline techniques that you can take advantage of. You can distribute leaflets and brochures to interested people that contains your website and your email address. This way, people would go to your site if they want to check out the rest of your products. Offline techniques keep your visitors informed. They really are good marketing tools.

Aside from fliers and brochures, you can also conveniently put the URL of your website on frequently used items like mugs, planners, book marks, and other similar items. The more you remind people of your site, the more they visit it. But more importantly, offline promotions similar to this are lasting. For as long as the item is functional, it works. And the more people see the site more new visitors are enticed to check out what you have to offer.

Other than printing your URL on the right places, you can also hold shows, TV and radio ads, and magazine advertisements for your websites. Some sites are even sending out free cards to people and use vehicles to promote their sites. The main idea behind these offline techniques is to make people familiar with your website and retain it in their minds.

These offline techniques would make people store your site in their subconscious. And if you do it right, they would remember it conveniently at the right time. They can even suggest it to their friends who are looking for a product or a service that you offer.

Offline techniques make your site achieve popularity to the maximum level. It also suggests going out of the box and into the ‘real’ world. Just imagine the number of people who see your URL in a bumper sticker, button, or cap. You will definitely double your visitors in no time.

Offline techniques are proven effective. This is the reason why it has been used and reused by all people. The internet is supposed to be part of the tri-media. But then again, it was so strong and self-sufficient it can stand on its own. However, there’s no reason why the tri-media can’t be used to promote internet sites and vice versa.

So whenever you are thinking of promoting your site, you have to try and use all resources available to you. Don’t limit yourself to online promotional methods. Several offline methods are as effective as them. Besides, you want all the traffic you can get so you really have go use everything you can use.

Don’t underestimate the power of offline techniques. Just make a test. Try to level up your offline promotion techniques on a certain area. Then try to trace where the newest visitors your site came from. You will surely see that most of them came from the place where your offline promotional techniques are implemented.

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Paid Listings to Boost your Website’s Traffic

There are simply too many web directories today. Just for the benefit of those who don’t know what web directories are, they are websites that work similarly to the yellow pages. They contain different links that are usually submitted by website owners themselves. They are sorted and classified accordingly so that web surfers can effortlessly find the links they are looking for.

Web directories could either be free or paid. For free directories, you just have to send your link and after a certain period of time, your link will be placed up there. Paid directories works similarly. But you need to pay a fee before they would include your site in their list.

Paid listings could boost your website’s traffic in many ways. It’s true that users can always use Google, MSN, or Yahoo search to find the thing they are looking for. But there are times that people would like several options presented to them all at once. And only paid listings could give that to them. With paid listings, you’ll get more back links to your site. And more back links means more visitors for you.

You might say that you could take advantage of free directories so you really don’t have a need for paid listings at all. Right? Wrong. Some times, investing some amount is all worth it. And it is always the case with quality paid listings.

You need to choose paid listings over free directories to promote your site and gain traffic because these sites are already popular. Their page shoots up whenever directories are called. So if your URL is part of that page, then you will have better chances of gaining a good number of traffic.

But is it very important to choose which paid listing you should go for. If there are many paid directories in the world wide web today, there are a good number paid listings around too. But not all of them are worth your bucks. If you want to get quality traffic, you have to settle only with the best.

Here are 3 good suggestions if are currently looking for paid directories to list your site with:

1. Yahoo Almost everybody uses Yahoo. So if your website is part of their directory, there are higher chances you’ll get to your audience fast and easy. Yahoo’s page ranking is a 10. And that’s the highest you can get as far as page ranks is concerned.

2. Business.com Business.com is for a service or product-oriented website. If this is the type of site you own, you could submit it to Business.com for inclusion. What you’re really paying them are professional visitors. Business.com regular users are true-blue businessmen that you want to reach. And you’ll certainly do that if you get included in the Business.com paid listing.

3. Alive directory. Alive directory works best for people on a budget. They are not as pricey as Yahoo or Business.com. But they work as well as the two. It’s really value for your money.

These are just some paid listings that you can check out. They should be able to give your website a good stream of regular traffic. They are simply the perfect complement to all the free directories out there. Try them out and see for yourself.

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12 Reasons Why People Will Buy Your Stuff

The more you discover about why people buy your products, the easier it is to influence them to buy more – or to persuade prospects to become new customers.

12 Reasons Why People Will Buy Your Stuff

Plus, the more of these reasons you can fulfill with your copy (without going overboard) the better your odds of making the sale.

Here then are a dozen of the most powerful reasons why someone might buy your information product.

To make money. This one is easy; sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money, like buying a course on how to invest in the stock market, or how to start a business. In fact one of the easiest ways to make a sale is to show that your prospect’s small investment can be turned into a much bigger return.

To save money. Buying a water filtration system can save a person hundreds of dollars over buying bottled water. If your solution saves money, show them how much. If you teach how to make money, show them not only that they can make money with your product – they can also save money by not making stupid mistakes. If you sell dating products, show them how finding the right person quickly will save a fortune in dinners, movies and bad dates.

To save time. Instant coffee, fast food and done for you solutions all fall into this category. So does anything that shortens the learning curve. If you sell courses, this one can be big. Do they want to build a business in six years? Or buy your course and build it in 6 months?

To feel important. No one needs a Rolex or a Ferrari, but they feel better about themselves when they own one. Status is hugely important to some people – why else would they spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes when something from the discount store would work just as well?

To make it easier. Let’s say you sell a big course on how to get a certain result through a series of steps. Yes, they could do everything you teach in the course – or you could offer to do the work for them for a price. They won’t have the hassle of doing it themselves, and they can be certain it will be done right.

To feel good. This one is broad and encompasses a lot of things. We feel good when we pamper ourselves. We feel good when we do something for someone else. We feel good when we’re furthering our education or providing for our future. Really, no one buys something to feel bad. The question to ask yourself is how does your product make your customer feel good?

To move us closer to our goals. Whether those goals are basic like food and shelter, or more grand like taking over the world, we will buy almost anything that will help us get whatever it is that we want most.

To move us away from pain. Whatever that pain might be – physical, mental, emotional – people will buy if they think it will help to ease or erase the pain.

To be superior. Granted, few people openly admit they want to feel superior, yet almost everyone does. This is why people buy products they think are ‘cool’ or will make them look good, like tattoos or fast cars. They’ll buy things simply because they’re new or upgraded, or because they’re better versions than what their friends have.

To keep up. People will buy something because everyone else has it and they don’t want to be left behind. Look at smart phones. The more people had smart phones, the more pressure there was on everyone else to get one, too. If your product can reach a tipping point of popularity, people will buy it simply because others have bought it.

To be a good fan. Football fans buy giant foam fingers to show they’re fans. Collectors of Coke products will buy anything that has a Coke name on it. People who love Apple will stand in line to buy the latest gadget. Followers of a particular blogger will buy that blogger’s new book without hesitating. If you can build trust with your community, you can get them to buy products simply because you recommend those products, whether they’re your products or someone else’s.

It’s on sale. Or scarce. Or both. Customers will sometimes buy things simply because they’re a good deal. If you don’t believe it, check out any black Friday sale – people line up to buy stuff they didn’t even know they wanted until they saw it was going to sell at a cheap price. People are also much more likely to buy if they think they’re going to lose the chance to buy because of scarcity, or the chance to buy at this low price because the price is about to go back up.

Bonus Reason: Because you orchestrated a marketing campaign that took away all of the risk and provided so many benefits, they couldn’t help but buy your product. And when they bought it, they did a little jig in front of their computer or holding their phone, because they were so happy they got it!

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Print Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Internet marketing is now all about getting your name out an even wider audience. You can do this by mentioning your URL again and again in your forum posts or in your online group. You can also do this by showing off your software design prowess on your downloading section, where you can show your customers that you can meet their different needs. You can do this, yet again, by shooting an entertaining, informative video that will show your clients how credible you are as a seller and customer service-oriented businessperson.

All these techniques are useful, and they are valid, but you also need a budget for offline marketing. That’s right, a lot of the best marketing techniques for the online arena are actually being done offline. This is because a lot of the people who are on the Internet are also realizing how important human interaction is, and because a lot of these people are aware that the digital divide is not the be-all and end-all of relationships, whether for business, friendship, or romance. There are many things that you cannot decipher or know online, including how a person behaves and what a person is really like ? both of which you can find out only if you meet the person offline.

This has also spelled a much greater need for Internet marketers to do a lot of offline marketing, in the form of seminars or symposium, primarily, which they can use to gather people. Once gathered, people can have more chances to know a company better, and a company can show off its URL as much as it pleases simply because it is responsible for the event at hand. The same cannot be done online when a company tries to propel itself for superstardom; hard selling techniques can be difficult to pull off successfully offline, and they can backfire terribly.

So how can companies still succeed offline without sounding like they are trumpeting their own achievements? They can engage in print advertising. Despite the fact that many magazines are already online, print advertisements can still lead the way for many consumers because many people still don’t stop reading print. Moreover, print advertising can be placed anywhere: newspapers, flyers, magazines, posters, and brochures, even books! Print advertising can still work especially since reading online for long hours at a time can be tiring; reading offline can actually be fun, so why not exploit this special feature of offline reading?

Another advantage of offline advertising via print is that print ads can surely catch the eyes of thousands more people who will be reading the publication. Moreover, you can tailor the message route through which the advertisement will go. You can restrict placing your ad in magazines that cater only to your target market, or only in parts of the newspaper that you anticipate your target market will read. This is better than the wide net cast by online advertising, which can actually tax on your available bandwidth instead of helping you earn more.

These are only a few special features of print advertising that you might want to take into account as you examine the different ways to promote your products, services, website, and brand. A print ad can be powerful, so make use of your space well and make sure that you get all the print and graphics that you need in order to make for an ad that will earn a lot without you having to spend a lot.For more information, do research on print advertising rates, and see how you, too, can be an Internet superstar even offline.

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How to Keep ALL of the Profit on a Big Name Product

A product launches and sells hundreds or even thousands of copies. As an affiliate, you can make about 50% commission. But wouldn’t you like to keep ALL of the commission on the sales you make?

How to Keep ALL of the Profit on a Big Name Product

There is a way to do it. And while it’s not well known, the fact is it’s done far more often than you would think. Here’s how it works:

Savvy marketers approach product sellers and offer to buy the rights to their product. This might be a product that didn’t sell well through no fault of its own; for example, a great product with poor marketing. Or the product might have been a robust seller, but it’s no longer a hot commodity (which only takes about 3-4 weeks in many markets.)

If a deal is struck, the purchaser of the rights sells the product just as he would if he were an affiliate. However, he’s actually (and secretly) making ALL of the money. The product owner sold the rights and now receives nothing on each sale. That can be a good deal for a product owner, since they get a lump sum up front. But if you’re good at marketing, it can be a bonanza for you. It’s like having your own product, except with a guru’s name attached and ALL of the work done for you.

If the cost is a worry for you, then start small. Choose a product that’s been on the market for a while so you can get it for less money. Don’t purchase exclusive rights, just rights for yourself. Doing this, it’s possible to buy rights for a very reasonable rate.

Don’t add your name to the sales page – keep it just as it was so the product creator appears to be the seller. Simply replace the payment button and support desk link with your own.

If it’s in the budget, hire someone to optimize the site for keywords based on the product creator’s name. This can potentially get you sales when someone searches for the guru or the product.

Use a domain name that sounds a LOT like the original product name. And then get busy marketing, because all of the profit you make is yours.

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Internet Traffic is the Lifeblood

As most people already know, internet traffic is the lifeblood of any good website. The higher your traffic volume, the better your chances for revenue. However, focusing exclusively on this fact often leads to some websites going into bankruptcy as they spend large amounts of money on various programs or ideas which are meant to generate greater traffic but ultimately wind up costing them too much. So, how do you know if you should spend money to increase your traffic rate? Here are some tips, and questions you should ask yourself. Will The Increased Traffic Guarantee Income?

This is the first thing you should consider. If the way you make money is from direct sales only, then maybe you should consider low-investment means of increasing traffic, limiting your focus to your target markets first. If, on the other hand, your site has alternatives like generating income from ads on your site, links to other sites, etc, then paying more for means to increase your traffic rate is probably a good idea. If your website actually gets paid for every visitor regardless of any actions they take (and there are a few sites set up like this) then and only then will investing heavily in traffic generators would offer a high return on investment. How do you Make Money From Traffic?

Always consider how your site makes money. This allows you to balance cost versus effect. Crunch the numbers to see how many hits your new software, ad campaign, or whatever it is you’re using to increase traffic, will generate for your site. Keep in mind the ways you get money from the people going through your site, and consider that you may be just as well off going by word of mouth recommendations or perhaps a simple and cost effective ad campaign. If on the other hand your web site will benefit from an aggressive traffic-generating strategy then go for serious investments into your new toys. Traffic generating software including viral ad programs work wonders for people who make money through volume of traffic. Are There Free Traffic Generators Which Can Suit Your Purposes?

Lastly, remember that there are actually free software packages available online which can help you generate more traffic without having to shell out a buck. Search engine optimization (SEO) programs, free subscriptions to monthly SEO articles, and downloadable ad generators are just some examples of the many free offerings on the internet that can help you get your traffic up. Granted, the effectiveness of free software is rather limited compared to paid software, but when starting out you may want to employ free packages first to get yourself familiarized with how traffic generator programs work. If later on you find that you’re more familiar with how they work and want to swing an even larger increase in traffic, then you can purchase the paid programs.

Last Bit In short, it’s all about balancing cost versus income. That’s the bottom line. Before paying for any means to increase your site’s traffic flow, always check to make sure that you will actually be making more money from the increased traffic than you will be spending to make it happen in the first place. As long as the money in is substantially better than the money out, you’re good to go.

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Online Newsletters for Website Traffic

Marketing a website can be difficult if you consider how many sites are already out there. There are millions of websites out in the Internet, most of them alike, with almost the same format, color, font, and appearance, and differing only in content. This difference is actually all that matters, because no matter what the graphic designers or animators say, content is still king. The better your content is, the more useful a website is, and the more people it serves, the more popular it becomes.

The paradigm of Web 2.0 exists perhaps as the best evidence of how content is king. In the Web 2.0 universe, people are able to freely deliver and read each other’s opinions; participate in social networks and know more people all over the world; and make one’s private life as unguarded as possible. This means that if word gets out on a product or service, word also quickly spreads. This can spell profits for good products and services, and the demise of poor ones. The same goes for websites: great websites or extremely bad ones can get a lot of hits, but the good ones stay online, while the bad ones, after their sensational debuts, die a natural death in the graveyard of anonymity.

So how can you make use of this paradigm and appeal to as wide an audience as possible? One way is to exploit the use of content as king, and to show how useful you can be. There are many ways to do this, say by producing great articles on your website, or sponsoring web events. Supplement these marketing efforts by bringing your content out into the web universe. You can have a newsletter about your site.

Forget about printing newsletters. Online newsletters can be a great thing for your clients to read. All you need to do is to know what content will appeal to your audience. Before you start planning out your format and content, work on your marketing plan. Study your audience. What is its age range? Do you have teenagers, young adults, adults, middle aged parents, or senior citizens in your market? Are you appealing more to girls, men, or both? If you know what your audience is like, you can better tailor your articles and newsletter content to fit your audience’s needs and wants. A web newsletter cannot be as long as an offline newsletter, where you can have long articles that draw out many details of a story. A person’s attention has to be captured in five seconds or less: that means that your newsletter stories should be extremely short, but likewise extremely engaging. Employ writers who write short feature stories, and make sure that they write in a simple language that is easy to understand.

Your articles should not only be about your products, services, website, or company. Talk about issues that are relevant to you and your audience. For instance, if you are dealing with accessories, talk about the history of the diamond trade in very few words; or talk about he price of gold on the world market and how it can change; or talk about what clothes go with what jewelry. Give your customers something useful, and they will remember you better. Engage in hard selling techniques, and you will end up alienating them.

Lastly, update your newsletter constantly. You can have three or four articles, and perhaps add some illustrations. But you need to constantly remind your clients of your presence, so save articles for next time. You can choose a weekly, bi-montly, or monthly update, depending on your budget. The advantage to having more frequent updates is that your clients will always see you in their inboxes; the disadvantage is that you have to do more work.

There are many different ways that you can get people to subscribe to your newsletter. You can have them sign up through your website, and tell everyone on your social networks to subscribe. Avoid spamming people and make sure that you give them an option to unsubscribe. If you think about the needs of your market when writing and distributing your newsletter, you can better meet its desires and make profits in the process.

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Easy Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website

SEO means search engine optimization. And with that definition, it only means that you are going to use the powerful search engine to generate traffic to your otherwise quiet site. There are different ideas behind SEO. It is a way of creating a website in such a way it responds well to certain keywords placed in the most-used search engine in the world today. Search engines follow certain algorithms and strategies to determine the relevancy of a particular site to a user’s search. For one, Google uses the concept of page ranking. Page ranking corresponds to the popularity of a certain site. It also plays an important role in the search engine results. Simply defined, SEO corresponds to the sprinkling of certain keywords on your site. It is important that even before you create your site, you think of a powerful keyword to use for it. Keep in mind that there are other people ahead of you. So the battle for a certain keyword could be hard and gruesome.

Your choice of keywords is crucial. Some keywords are frequently searched over the internet. And there are those that doesn’t even cross the mind of internet users, therefore they aren’t typed there. You have to make some good research so that you’ll end up with the keyword that people are likely to type in the search engine bar.

Once you have chosen a good keyword, the next thing you have to do is to integrate that keyword in the content, and even the images, of your site. The more instances you put your chosen keyword in the pages of your site, the better is the chances that your site will work its way towards the top of the search engine ranking.

You have to know that there are black hat search engine optimization techniques and there are white hat search engine optimization techniques. Black hat SEO is what you should try to stay clear of. If the search engine discovers that you are putting too much key words in your site that doesn’t carry relevance, it could ban your website from the search results altogether. This principle also goes true with putting too much links to a particular page about your website, otherwise referred to as a link farm. And it doesn’t matter if the links or the keywords are showing or obscured from the reader’s view. For as long as you infringe the rules of search engine optimization, your site will never make it to the results no matter how hard you try.

So you have to be very careful with optimizing your website for search engines. For one, you have to follow the set rules. The white hat techniques should work for you. This technique corresponds to the transparent way of optimizing your web for search engines.

To optimize your website for the internet, try to write your content keyword-rich. See to it that you repeat your key words two to three times throughout the article. Write as many articles as you can. The more keywords you have in your website, the better its performance in the search engine will. And when you get to the top of the search page result, you will surely gain more visitors than you can handle. Search engine optimization could work for you!

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To a Successful 2020, Cheers!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Just trying to mix it up a little with my blog. Having great friends and family in your life is important for your success so this is just a little article on finding some time to have a little romance in your life. To a successful 2020!

Trying to maintain a relationship in this day and age can be tough. The daily grind makes it difficult to spend the kind of time together that you may want. With the two of you probably working to make ends meet, you may feel like you are not even together anymore, merely living together.

But it is not time to throw in the towel just yet. Even with the challenges presented on couples now days, there are still ways to add romance back into your relationship. To re-light that spark you once felt is easier then you might think.

There are a lot of ways you can add the romance back into your relationship. The problem with that, though, is that with so many options it can be difficult knowing what exactly to do. To help you in this regard is a list of great romantic ideas.

1. Weekend getaway. With the daily grind comes a build up of stress. This stress can have adverse effects on your relationship. Not only does it prevent you from spending the quality time together that you may want, but it can make fights spring up far easier.

To counter this you should take a nice weekend getaway. It does not have to be expensive or amazing, just going somewhere new, just the two of you, can do a lot for your relationship.

2. Couples massage. Another great way to relieve stress as well as add romance to your relationship is a couples massage. Everyone loves a good massage to help them unwind and let all the problems of life melt away. Getting a massage together can add to the experience. You can follow that up with a romantic dinner out, or a night in.

3. Concert. The typical ideas of romance are not the only ways you can be romantic. Having fun is important as well. Instead of just going out for dinner, why not take your partner somewhere new and fun? A concert or some other event can be a great way for the two of you to enjoy a night out, and also add a fresh experience.

4. Romantic dinner at home. You do not always have to go out for dinner, which is what a lot of couples seem to forget. Having a nice romantic meal at home can be a nice change of pace. You can pull out all the stops, a gourmet meal in the candle light, the fancy china, the works. You can even take that a step further by making it a surprise.

5. A locket. Most couples buy accessories for one another as a sign of their affection. But a great way to add romance to this common occurrence is changing up what you buy. Instead of buying her a normal necklace or something, buy her a locket with her most treasured photo of the two of you inside it.

By doing that you ensure that no matter what you will always be together, and this can have big romantic impact. Every time your partner misses you they can just pop open their locket and look at you.

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