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Your Own Profitable Business for $1 a Month…

I want to take a minute and share this super simple, super affordable $1 dollar a month online business and why you should take what I am about to share with you seriously. I am not joking about having your own profitable $1 dollar a month online business.

Let me tell you it starts as a “team effort” because it takes ALL OF US to succeed with this easy online business but you must take it seriously.

The free website(s) has been designed to support, promote and encourage all of us to succeed with your downline, future downline and help them build their online business at the same time you build your own.

Currently this online business is gaining a lot of momentum and starting to grow that way because of the continuing easy promoting and recruiting new people to the team just by posting ads and signing up folks who see this proven opportunity for what it is and what it will accomplish. And it is amazingly affordable!

This is our teams’ goal and mission.

* Join the Team and STAY ACTIVE for $1-a-month!
That’s both Easy & Inexpensive!
* Recruit JUST 1 new Dollar-a-Month member every month!
Just use your referral link and the system will do all the work!
What could be More Simple than That?

* $1 dollar-a-month! That’s It!
Affordable for Everyone! Less than 4 cents-a-day!

* In about 1 year, all current members should be earning well over $1,000 a month!
And….THAT INCOME will “Continue to GROW!”
* In 18 months, all current members should be able to quit their jobs and be full time internet marketers.

Surprisingly, this only requires signing up JUST ONE member each month! Just ONE!!!

Recruiting ONE NEW MEMBER each month is something ANYONE can do. You have a proven system, the ads, the follow-ups and much more. Essentially the full marketing system is done for you. All you need to do is to put your referral link under people’s noses.

Easy peasy!

They will even put you into their Team Rotator for free and send at least 2,000 hits to your personal sales page to get you started.

Let’s face it folks…there isn’t much easier “work” than posting a few ads on some Traffic Exchanges and answering a few emails.

So don’t stop until you have as much residual income as you need or want.

It WILL work…you just have to consistently follow this proven system.

Many folks are doing WAY MORE than 1 member per month. And others are just getting started but don’t worry as I had my first sign up after 24 hours. This really is that simple, and remember all this for only $1 dollar a month.

Just because this is a $1 Online Business, you probably think that nothing can be made of it or that it’s a total fluke or a scam or something to “diddle around with” or just to get your “whopping $1-a-month!” Well, ladies and gents, you couldn’t be more far from the truth of the matter.

And others of you might be skeptical and rightfully so. How can recruiting 1 member per month do all of this?

Just take a look at the potential income.

If you and everyone on the Team recruits JUST ONE each month, by THIS TIME NEXT YEAR – for your $1-a-month business investment – you and every other CURRENT member of the Team can be sitting on a $7,229+ monthly residual income. That equates to an $85,000+ Annual Income that you will have developed during your 1st year in this online business. How is that for results?

This is the easiest path to residual income I personally know of.
Wanna make a million bucks? Do you?
We all want that but this is what you “really” want!
You want something realistic, simple, and proven to work.

–              Having a security blanket of savings in the bank
–              And having a healthy, rolling “residual income”

This is much better than having a million bucks just sitting in the bank. Kind of, lol.
But the NICE part to this? It doesn’t have to take you long to get results.
Not with the right system, plan and support in your hands for only $1 a month.

That’s what you’re getting right here today.

The system, support, and plan to residual income of up to $1K, $3k, $7K and more each and every month. What monthly, RECURRING income would it take for you to change your life? This system and the residual commissions that will bring your way will be awesome.

Get Free Access Now, Click Here!

Now remember that this is only 1 member per month. Many are already doing 2, 5, 10 and even 20 new members per month! So this is actually a conservative, low number.

Can you imagine having all of your money problems completely gone after 18 months? Would you like to be living a work from home or work from the beach laptop lifestyle?

Really? Do you really want this? Are you willing to recruit just 1 new member each month? It really is not hard at all.

Remember there is a team member who recruited 21 new members in the last 30 days. Yes, 21! That may be an extraordinary number but each and every one of you have the tools and the talent right in front of you THIS VERY MINUTE to be able to recruit 1, 2 5, or even 10 new members this month.

I remember thinking what many of you are probably thinking right this very moment…”I don’t have the skill or the talent or the time to recruit.” I say that is not true at all – it is all in your priorities.

If you knew that if you worked 20-30 minutes a day for 18 months and you would end up with a $7,000 per month or more, would that change your priorities?

Now I am not forcing anyone to do anything here. I’m not asking anyone to do anything that I am not personally doing either. And I am also not making any guarantees of any income levels but let me tell you this program works.

But I do know that if I put in a consistent effort into building my online business, I know it will grow…it always has. I also know that if I don’t take my online business seriously, that too will be reflected in my result.

I tell you truly that if 7K per month plus doesn’t motivate you at least a little, I am not sure what will.

And remember, your single, small, easily attainable goal is just 1 member per month…just 1. Let the proven system do everything else so you can focus on just 1 new member per month. Just 1.

Get Free Access Now, Click Here!

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