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Reaching the Unreachable Customers

Internet marketing is one the most important part of an overall promotional strategy. With the continuing increase in competition in the market today, online marketing has become inevitable. But have you ever asked yourself how many of us are “unreached” by online advertising? When you walk the streets or your neighborhood these streets show hotels, apartments, condos, private houses, restaurants, bars and town homes out of which people live who have or have not come in contact with any form of your online advertising. On the next block wandered another crowd all apparently without the thought of looking at any online marketing. For this reason, it is important that as an online business owner you know how to reach your target customers through your internet marketing materials.

The most important features of an internet marketing advertisement is ideas, words, arrangement and finding their pain point. Ideas come first; they should be correctly expressed and the whole idea should be properly arranged with proper type and illustration. So for instance you are going to make a capture page. Keep in mind that a good capture page conveys a clear message through good visual information and a minimum of text. It should be legible, readable and well organized. Studies show that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your reader and most of these readers are going to absorb only the punch line. The overall format of a good capture page is reflected by the way you integrate the information. For instance, you would never put your first section on the right and ask the reader to proceed to the left because we are not trained to read that way. Spacing is also important in a capture page. Without appropriate spacing, your reader has no visual pauses to think. If books have a space on the margins and chapters as spaces, capture pages should likewise have spaces. Capture pages that are crowded with information are tiring to read and are seldom read in its entirety. So leave out all irrelevant text and images including borders between related data and text so the reader can understand your ideas easily and request more information. Capturing their information means you can follow up and make more sales.

Remember that the point of view of every person is constantly changing. So if you are to influence your readers through your capture page to buy your products and/or services you have to make ensure that your capture page will do the talking for you quickly.

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