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Paid Listings to Boost your Website’s Traffic

There are simply too many web directories today. Just for the benefit of those who don’t know what web directories are, they are websites that work similarly to the yellow pages. They contain different links that are usually submitted by website owners themselves. They are sorted and classified accordingly so that web surfers can effortlessly find the links they are looking for.

Web directories could either be free or paid. For free directories, you just have to send your link and after a certain period of time, your link will be placed up there. Paid directories works similarly. But you need to pay a fee before they would include your site in their list.

Paid listings could boost your website’s traffic in many ways. It’s true that users can always use Google, MSN, or Yahoo search to find the thing they are looking for. But there are times that people would like several options presented to them all at once. And only paid listings could give that to them. With paid listings, you’ll get more back links to your site. And more back links means more visitors for you.

You might say that you could take advantage of free directories so you really don’t have a need for paid listings at all. Right? Wrong. Some times, investing some amount is all worth it. And it is always the case with quality paid listings.

You need to choose paid listings over free directories to promote your site and gain traffic because these sites are already popular. Their page shoots up whenever directories are called. So if your URL is part of that page, then you will have better chances of gaining a good number of traffic.

But is it very important to choose which paid listing you should go for. If there are many paid directories in the world wide web today, there are a good number paid listings around too. But not all of them are worth your bucks. If you want to get quality traffic, you have to settle only with the best.

Here are 3 good suggestions if are currently looking for paid directories to list your site with:

1. Yahoo Almost everybody uses Yahoo. So if your website is part of their directory, there are higher chances you’ll get to your audience fast and easy. Yahoo’s page ranking is a 10. And that’s the highest you can get as far as page ranks is concerned.

2. Business.com Business.com is for a service or product-oriented website. If this is the type of site you own, you could submit it to Business.com for inclusion. What you’re really paying them are professional visitors. Business.com regular users are true-blue businessmen that you want to reach. And you’ll certainly do that if you get included in the Business.com paid listing.

3. Alive directory. Alive directory works best for people on a budget. They are not as pricey as Yahoo or Business.com. But they work as well as the two. It’s really value for your money.

These are just some paid listings that you can check out. They should be able to give your website a good stream of regular traffic. They are simply the perfect complement to all the free directories out there. Try them out and see for yourself.

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