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Does Anyone Know Who YOU Are Online?

There’s thousands of Internet Marketers out there – and you are one of them. So, here is my question for the day: Who are you?

Does Anyone Know Who YOU Are Online?

Because as you can see, when you search through products, people, and services online – mediocrity and conformity is already 99% of everyone else’s day.

Not to sound harsh, but most people just follow what is trending or what is hot, and while that is an awesome way to just make money – regarding a long-term and life purpose – it is not exactly fulfilling, is it?

It is just a means to an end if we think about it that way.

But you probably started online to make money – that is a given.

You also probably wanted to have the flexibility and freedom it brings. IM has great potential to earn a large amount of money in a short amount of time. It’s a great way to learn. Most times, it is easier than your best friend’s 9-5 job, isn’t it?

However, when we skip from one affiliate product to another or try different things aimlessly with no real long-term goal or life design, we are not really building a future for ourselves overall. And as human beings, our long-term goal always stretches beyond money.

In fact, as we get older, it is much more about –

How can I serve and add value?
How can I discover my life’s purpose?
What really makes me happy?
Who am I?

The most difficult part in life is to discover who you really are (you: not the kid of your parents, not the wife of your husband, not the student in school, not what society thinks about you or expects from you, etc.).

Once we go away and discover the answer to that – to what we really want from life, we can then apply our knowledge of who we really are to what we really enjoy doing – and in marketing terms – that can also bring money to the table. That’s where the start is. Trust me: Do what you love and what adds value in your personal opinion –and the money will follow.

Picking a job or service or product is not the first thing to do, not yet anyway.

Discovering yourself is the starting point. There is nothing before that point. The only other thing is what others are and what your position is in THEIR circles – not what is your position in YOUR life. Go away today and make a list.

List all of the things you loved as a child that you have forgotten about and like doing. Then name five strengths you have in business and by nature. Also list five weaknesses. After a while, you will start to see a pattern – things you are good at and what you can offer.

There is a reason you have the set skills you do; you are unique in these delivery skills and traits. Focus on what you LOVE to do and what you are good at and live from that end first before you decide what path to take.

You are here for a reason. Find out what that reason is.

“You did not come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts

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