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6 Viral Keys to Email Marketing

These days, email viral marketing campaigns seem to be more like legends and myths than actual techniques you can use in the Internet. But the truth remains and it’s a fact that email viral marketing campaigns do exist and if you’re lucky then they can also drive targeted traffic to your website. What is an Email Viral Marketing Campaign? Let’s talk about viral marketing first. This method is also known as word-of-mouth marketing and it utilizes just about any strategy that would potentially cause people to advertise about your business with or without knowing and caring. What’s important is that they’re doing it without you paying a cent.

Now, email viral marketing campaigns are simply viral marketing techniques utilizing mainly emails as a means of passing the message to other people. Creating an email viral marketing campaign is simple, affordable, and easy but first you need an idea. Well, not just any idea but a great idea to base your campaign on.

6 Tips on Making an Email Viral Marketing Campaign. Be aware that statistics show how satisfied customers relay their positive feelings about something they’ve availed of to an average of three people. Negative feelings reach more ears however or eleven eager listeners. The latter figure may be daunting but don’t let yourself get intimidated. Just remind yourself of the three prospective customers who may have heard nice things about your business and you’ll do fine.

Tip #1 Email updates must always include pertinent details about your website. This must not be limited to contact information but also include the products and services together with other promotions you’re offering. Last but not the least, include an option for members to forward your email. Forwarding is already one simple way for people to participate in your email viral marketing campaign even if they don’t know it.

Tip #2 Create or have a professional create games that promote your business. You can then email this to members of your e-zine subscription. If the game’s simple, fun, and easy to download you can definitely trust your members to share the fantastic (free) game you’re offering.

Tip #3 Set your readers on fire. Successful email viral marketing campaigns have at least one thing in common and that is its ability to command your emotions and set your heart racing until you can’t resist its powerful pleas to visit your website.

Tip #4 Keep people on their toes. Another way to incite excitement from your readers and ensure that they’ll spread news about your website is by doing the unexpected once in a while and surprising people around you. People just won’t be excited to talk about you if you’re only doing the same thing over and over.

Tip #5 Never imitate. People who have participated in email viral marketing campaigns tend to have excellent memory. If they notice that you’re doing the same thing over and over, be prepared to have other companies to retaliate for bad business practice and for people to turn their backs on you. Be creative. Be original. Use your imagination and your customers will do the rest.

Tip #6 Make follow-ups. Your first campaign was successful. What next? One thing you should never do is rest on your laurels. Instead get right back to the drawing board and start planning for the next email viral marketing campaign. Constantly bombarding your customers with one excellent offer after another will carve a permanent place of your business in their minds.

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