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6 Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Free Podcasts

Podcasts, like ebooks, do not generally require you to spend money when creating them. You may already have the materials and resources needed for creating a podcast: a good-quality microphone, a few software tools to edit your recording, and of course, valuable content. If you have all that then you can start creating free podcasts that could drive targeted traffic to your website.

Step 1 Formulate your script. Choose a topic that will be interesting for your target market to listen to and which they can benefit from as well. If you have a topic in mind already, research for more information about the topic. If you have enough data, it’s time to start a script. Think of writing a script as something similar to creating an outline. A script will let you ensure that the flow of information is logical, orderly, and smooth. A script is made up of several acts and an act is made up of several scenes. Choose the best scene or act for which you can redirect the dialogue to your business. It’s very, very important to mention your business because you want people to remember where the podcast comes from and where they could go if they want more.

Step 2 Choose the proper format for your podcast. Consider your resources, skills, and topic. Would you like the podcast to take an interview format? Should it be formal or informal? How about a monologue?

Step 3 Consider the length of your podcast. If you don’t have an established reputation online just yet then not many people will be willing to give their entire time to listening to your podcast. New online business owners are better off limiting their podcasts to a short duration, maybe not more than fifteen or thirty minutes. When you get a bit more popular then that’s the time you should make your podcast longer. For now, it’s better to keep things short, simple, and sweet. Make your listeners look forward to what you have to say next.

Step 4 Start recording. Choose the best place where you can record. An ideal room would have sound-proof walls and carpeted floors to preserve the original sound of your voice and other audio effects. The room must also be free from external background noise like a mouse squeaking in the corner, an open window letting in street noise from below, or something similar. Make sure you subject all your recording tools to a sound test and ensure that they’re in working order. Whoever the narrator or speakers are, they must have clear and well-modulated voices and able to enunciate words perfectly.

Step 5 Humor is always appreciated but only if it’s applied at the right time and place. Adding a touch of humor here and there, especially if it’s ad-libbed, will go a long way in obtaining the loyalty of your listeners.

Step 6 End your podcast with an invitation for your listeners to check out your other podcasts. Let them know what you have in store for them next and your regular time and day for uploading podcasts in your website. Listen to your recording several times before making it available for downloading.

Step 7 Lastly, submit it to directories and make sure to use the same set of information when describing your podcast. Include targeted keywords with your description and don’t forget to display your website address!

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