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You Need to Build an Email List

If you are interested and want to be a force in internet marketing or affiliate marketing then one of the first steps you must take is to build an e-mail list of potential customers.

This is a list you develop overtime which contains the e-mails of everyone who has subscribed to your newsletter or your initial offer which usually is something free and/or information of value.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to set up your email list building machine and the best part is the whole thing can be automated. Once you have someone subscribed, you can send them automated e-mails with content and information and most importantly, new offers which can lead to sales.

In order to get people subscribed to your list you first need an account with an autoresponder company. A couple of the most popular email autoresponder companies are AWeber or GetResponse. They handle the storing of your email list and also allow you to send out emails. You can automate the entire process so there is little work involved once you have your capture page up and follow-up emails in place.

Of course, before you start sending out e-mails you have to first build your list. Not many people are willing to give out their e-mail for free unless they know you won’t send them spam messages or give them nothing of value.

So this is why most internet marketers choose to offer a free gift or some sort of value to entice people to sign up. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a product creation guru to start building your list.

Your offer can be a PLR report, eBook or something with master resell rights that you have the rights to give away. A quick and easy way to set yourself apart from others when building your list is to have a new eCover made for your product or make your own capture page so that it looks totally original and different than all the other internet marketers.

This will only cost you around $5- $35 or so but can make a huge difference in your list building efforts since you took the time to make your capture page and free gift look unique.

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