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Writing Testimonials to Increase your Website Traffic

One very natural way to promote any service or product is through testimonials. This is so because of the fact testimonials are freely given by your customers, those who found satisfaction in your service or product. So that this alone is one huge bonus which should really be looked into by all web owners.

Writing positive and constructive testimonials for similar websites as well as have testimonials in your website are very effective as these not only give reverence to websites you utilize often or admire, but testimonials are also an excellent method to increase your website traffic. Website testimonials illustrate how your customers feel about your product that they have bought from your website and used. When a buyer offer a testimonial on your website, this makes other web visitors develop trust in you.

In the same way, when you write a testimonial with your name as well as your website address on other similar websites, this now can be converted into website traffic as your testimonial will expose your website to people looking or visiting at that particular website, especially if that website is a very popular site that offers a very high demand product or service.

The fact is, testimonials are excellent linking strategy. Keep in mind to always include your website link and make sure that you write testimonials to high page ranking websites. With this, you will eliminate the worry of linking unto competitor websites as well as you have avoided the troubles of reciprocal links.

In addition, if you utilize similar but non competing website links, you will attract their traffic also. This mostly occurs because of search engine requirements. When somebody keys in the name of a particular website which your testimonial also has a link to, in order to have access in that website, most likely, your website will also be displayed because you have included that website’s link in your site. In fact, address of other websites or links can be utilized as an entry way to your website. People will have the chance to visit your website and most likely examine your website before they go to the website which they have planned to visit.

Here are guidelines on writing testimonials:

1) After writing positive testimonials in favor of other websites then see great traffic results on your website, its now time to select which websites are best to write testimonials to. Experts recommend using websites which are used highly, but not excessively advertised. Getting the right combination can be very challenging. Try to look for websites which are requested often on top search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc . The important thing is to keep in mind that websites which are advertised highly are normally simple to remember so that people will not anymore make use of search engines in order to access them. Sites however, that contain complicated or difficult names yet are used highly can be better alternatives because internet users will more likely use top search engines in order to access them.

2) Decide exactly what you want to say. Keep in mind, do not write any testimonial prior to visiting the website. Look through the site first, because you most certainly do not like to write an encouraging and positive testimonial about a horrible site – they will make your website look ugly to visitors. Make certain that you conform to all that the website is representing. Write a review of the website’s services or products or outline of the business. Make sure that you mention the web address in your testimonial as frequently as possible, so that it will be more likely that your website will show up whenever somebody searches for that website on search engines.

3) Don’t limit yourself to sending positive testimonials to websites. Send positive testimonials also to free internet services and ezines. Send your testimonials as a complimentary note and compliment their services or products and express how they are useful to you. Interested websites in enhancing their sales will regularly utilize them and your web address has a high chance of getting printed when you give a positive testimonial. Keep in mind, only write a positive testimonial for products and services that you really believe in, because your reputation in fact is at risk when giving out a testimonial. Giving your support to an awful product can destroy your name.

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