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Using RSS Feeds For Website Traffic

Blog sites are the trend of today. More and more people are switching to this type of a website as they are easier to use and maintain. The main pull of blog sites is that fact that it is highly dynamic. Blog site owners can maintain their website using the regular browser interface. They don’t need to learn HTML or any other complex scripts and programming languages. But the breakthrough of blog sites is really RSS feeds. By concept, RSS means syndication. It works this way: a person goes to your site for a visit. He or she got really interested in what you have and what you are talking about and opts to be subscriber. To become one, the visitor has to syndicate your site so all new posts and changes to it are fed into his or her RSS reader.

This means that each and every subscriber of your website can see the new things you add to it in almost an instant. And because the link from the feed is live, they can simply click on that and your website will show up in a new window, fast and easy. You now have repeat visitors to your site. RSS feeds are the way to maintain subscribers to your site. With it, subscribers will never forget about you. And you really need not do anything special to get to them. Everything works automatically. All you have to do is to update your blog site on a regular basis. The RSS feeder would be the one to do all the hard work for you. After updating your site and writing new interesting posts, just sit back and relax and watch visitors flowing in within minutes.

Static websites, which are the regular ones created with html software like Microsoft FrontPage, can’t be syndicated. People would yet find a way to infuse RSS feeds into static websites. Right now, only blog sites will work with RSS feeders and readers.

One of the more popular RSS feeders today is FeedBurner. Google recently acquired it so you can rely on its power and capabilities. And if you use it with another Google product like Blogspot, you will surely get twice the benefits. But of course, Google is just another player in the web. There are loads of RSS feeders and readers out there provided by different internet giants. Some even work better than Google.

Blog sites, when updated regularly, are very easy to optimize for search engines. And if you use RSS feeders to work with it, the effect is momentous. The creation of RSS feeds had really made generating traffic so simple over the internet. It takes out all the manual work. And so your energy can be used for something else more relevant than checking your subscriber’s list, maintaining it, and then sending updates to each and every one included in it manually.

Blog sites are so powerful these days that big companies are using them along with their static websites to achieve a full marketing effect. This is how big a role RSS feeds really has. A lot of highly successful webmasters have attested to its abilities. And all of them are one in saying that it is too good a tool to ignore. So don’t ever overlook RSS feeds. It can provide you with the much-needed traffic you want for all your websites.

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