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In today’s electronic world, the volume of internet traffic that runs through a site is the main determinant on whether it lives or dies. It is literally the lifeblood of almost any site, because it indicates the sheer number of users and people viewing it. Because of this, different types of traffic generating software have sprung up to help newer sites increase the volume of internet traffic running through them. There are many different types of traffic generating software, and you should know more about them to determine which one will be best suited for you.

The first and easiest form of traffic generating software is SEO software, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, these types of software are designed to go though all the different word permutations used by the most popular search engines and optimizes the text in your web site so that it shows up higher on search engine rankings when people look for words related to your site. SEO software is especially useful for text-heavy sites which feature a lot of articles, as the SEO program keys its patterns off text and will have more material to work with.

Another popular form of traffic generating software is called Viral Traffic Generator software. Despite the rather negative connotations of the name, there is nothing directly harmful about Viral Traffic Generator software. It CAN be annoying to some folks, but then again if you want to make your presence known this type of software is the way to go. Simply put, this program allows to to tailor a virus-like pattern to your advertisements and links. You determine the parameters to decide just how aggressive you want the program to be. It can be as polite as an Email invitation to look at your website which spreads itself like a normal virus to other emails on the mailing list of the person receiving it, or as in-your-face as ad banners and pop-ups with links to your site which replicate themselves like a bad disease. Viral Traffic Generators are generally easy to customize, so you can be as nice or nasty as you want.

Lastly, another popular form of traffic generating software is the Doorway Traffic Generator. This isn’t exactly very reliable and can definitely bring your website a bad reputation if abused, so I discourage using it. Simply put, a doorway program just randomly tosses out key words into search engines at a very high rate so that people searching using those engines will get the words they’re looking for via the random generator and will be directed to your web site, even if your site really doesn’t have ANY of the material they’re looking for. Naturally, this is the main reason for this type of program giving your website a negative rep. However, this aggressive behavior with no considerations for morality or reputation is EXACTLY why it’s also a popular choice for certain kinds of web sites.

No matter what type of traffic generating software you use, just do your research on it first. Find one that suits your needs, and also try to make sure that it will not only bring you traffic, but bring you quality viewers who will be willing to do more than just browse a few seconds at your site and then leave. Of course, if “hits” are all you’re after, feel free to be as pushy as you want…

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