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There are Ways to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

The Internet has given us the great opportunity and freedom to do business and start an online business all around the world from wherever we may happen to be with just a connection to the internet. This same advantage is also available to billions of others, selling all sorts of products and services, many of which will be similar to yours. Unfortunately competition is fierce and because of the sheer scale of the internet, unless your website stands out and makes its presence known, your online business will be doomed to mediocrity at best, if not failure, no matter how excellent your product or service may be. But there are ways to succeed…

For your internet business to succeed, it will need to differentiate itself in some way from others and please make sure to capture your potential customer(s) email address. You need to take serious and drastic measures to promote your website. Promotion is key to your success. Mercifully, advertising online can be done in many ways, the best of which are listed below, not in any particular order:

E-Zines: The Magazines of the Online World

The themes are on specific subjects which are read by those interested in that particular subject. These readers are, therefore, potential customer for that product/service. Advertising your website in E-zines that are related to your business/product will almost guarantee to drive traffic to your website and help increase sales for your services/products. When advertising in E-zines, ensure that you do not advertise alongside competitors. Enquire beforehand whether there is a policy concerning posting competing advertisements. It would be a good preparatory measure to subscribe to the E-zine first prior to making a decision whether or not to advertise there. An E-zine that runs fewer advertisements is a better choice than one that runs many. To find publications that are relevant to your business, look at the Online Directory of Ezines.

Pay-Per-Click Programs

This is an excellent method to advertise your business without the risk of having advertised in the wrong place. With this method, you advertise your website, and only pay for those clicks on the links to it.


Here, you pay only for those who download a trial, fill out a form, or enter a sweepstakes or whatever you choose.

Pay-Per-Click Banner Ads or solo email ads

With this method, you place a banner on an advertising site and you will only be charged for every click that your banner receives. Also the same with an emailing ad service.

Opt-In Email

This is an ultra excellent way to advertise your internet business/website. With this method, you submit your sales copy to your chosen company that will, in turn, email it out to those on its mailing list. You should exercise caution in your choice of which companies to use as some of the companies advertising their mailing lists as opt-in email service are sometimes really SPAM. An effective sales letter is essential when using opt-in mailing lists as, in their absence, your money, time and effort will be totally wasted. You also want to use a capture page/funnel so you can capture your potential customers email address so you can follow up with them. Someone making a purchase the first time they see your website/offer is very slim so follow up is the key to making sales.

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