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Only MRR can produce True Freedom

I am guessing that since you’re reading my blog article you want the “secret” to a business that produces not just income, but FREEDOM!

Freedom to do what you want.

Freedom to spend your time with those that you love the most.

Freedom to do all of the things that you love the most.

Freedom to serve the communities, causes, and people that you want to at a moment’s notice.

Freedom to just wake up and decide what it is that you want to do… and do it!

Without being held back by lack of finances.

Without being held back by lack of time.

Without being held back by anything at all.

You want true FREEDOM.

No hesitation for lack, or time constraints, or asking for permission.

Now back to your freedom and what the heck does “MRR” mean.

MRR stands for “Monthly Residual Income.”

And it’s so powerful that when it comes to companies being evaluated for being bought out, it’s usually the main focus.


Because company “A” can swoop in, buy company “B” based on it’s amazing MRR…

And enjoy an instant, ongoing revenue stream with very little work.

But since you’re not trying to sell a billion dollar company, what does MRR mean for you.

Again, it means FREEDOM.

It means that you, as a person who creates income by recommending other people’s products, services, and tools…

Your Main Focus Should ALWAYS be on MRR.

What can I recommend that brings in Monthly Recurring Revenue?

What can I recommend that is so awesome that the people in your audience would gladly pay monthly for years and years?

That means, you put in the work one time and keep getting paid…

And then have happy customers wanting to continue contributing to your income for years.

Seriously… happily paying!

No begging.

No constant follow up.

No having to be trapped in an endless marketing loop trying to get new customers.

Just introduce your customers to the things they actually need, and that serve THEM long term…

And everyone is happy.

They get the tools, services, and products that they actually need.

And you get an amazing recurring revenue with MINIMAL customers and work.

Here’s the “Done for You” Business I Recommend

MRR is so incredible that you can focus on getting as few as 1 customer a week and live a totally free life.

How incredible is that?!?

Most people (maybe you) think that it takes sale after sale after sale after sale to create freedom.

MRR changes the game.

It’s like the “Unicorn” of perfect revenue.

Less customers.

Less work.

More Freedom!

When you truly understand the power of MRR, you’ll never build a business built around any other type of revenue.

You Can Get That Free as Part of This Offer Here

Any questions on that offer, on MRR, or on anything else… please let me know.

Now go get that MRR so you can work less and live more!

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