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How to Remember and Use What You Read

You read a book, an internet marketing publication or self help help article and a week later you hardly remember a thing. You watch a video and a day later it’s lost from your memory. Continue reading to discover the “fix”…

How to Remember and Use What You Read

The fix? Always write down your three biggest takeaways from anything nonfiction that you read or watch.

Keep a notebook or file just for this purpose. Review it often. And put those three things to work in your life as soon as you possibly can.

The world’s wisdom and secrets is at your fingertips inside books old and new. Many of the world’s greatest teachers and successful people share their secrets and strategies inside the pages of a book.

When you read for learning, you are only moments away from discovering some new information that can change the course of your life in new and better directions.

But you must take action.

And you must REMEMBER the insights that really matter.

Read to learn and grow, and remember to write down your three biggest takeaways from each session, and then take action on what you are learning so that it becomes internalized wisdom.

Start doing this, and every day can be a better day as you absorb the knowledge of the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest people in the world, and incorporate it into your life so that you can be one of them too! Then write your own book for other people to remember! 🙂

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