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Get Paid for Doing What You’re Already Doing for Free…

Can a Web browser be swift, user-friendly, and profitable all at once? Definitely yes, if it’s the new CryptoTab Browser. Advanced software like this can be both a helpful web search tool and a source of extra income, not to mention that it’s handy, accessible and especially since it is completely free.

The amount of earnings provided in BTC depends on your use of the browser and the time spent online but it is what you are doing online anyway. Might as well make money doing it.

Why would you do something Every Single Day, 7 days a week, sometimes for hours on end, and do it for free, when You could be getting PAID to Do It?

It’s time to fix it and get you some profits for basically doing nothing!

Whether you’re working on your online business, paying bills, watching videos, searching for info, Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, whatever it is you do online earn some money doing it.

Why would you use a browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or any other browser that does not earn you a dime, when you could use CryptoTab browser and earn Bitcoin for doing what you ALREADY do?

First and Foremost, CryptoTab is 100% Free to use and earn money. They do have a Pro version, but the Free account is all you need to earn Bitcoin.

This is the easiest way to earn Bitcoin. Just change your browser to CryptoTab and receive payments to your balance every 10 minutes. You will get BTC for simply using it, just having CryptoTab browser window open. It takes less than 1 minute to start earning.

I have been using the CryptoTab Browser for a couple of months now and I can say that it meets expectations 100%. Remember the browser will earn you cryptocurrency while you just do what you need online. It’s an amazing way to use your time and computer resources more wisely.

Here’s all you need to do to start earning free money:

1) Click Here to Get CryptoTab browser and then ACTIVATE IT. It only takes a minute to get started.

2) Start using CryptoTab for all of your online activity. (You can import your bookmarks from your other browsers)

3) Get “CryptoTab Lite” for your Mobile devices to earn even More free Bitcoin.

4) Earn BTC and withdraw it easily anytime you want.

5) This is optional but you can refer folks to earn even more money quicker (They pay you for your referrals’ surfing up to 10 levels deep)

That’s it. It’s Easy, Free and Fun to watch your Bitcoin balance grow right before your eyes.

Oh, yeah, I did I mention it is a Great browser. It’s built on the Chrome platform, but because they’ve eliminated all the spying and information harvesting that Google does through Chrome, CryptoTab is faster.

Don’t worry if you know nothing about Bitcoin, you can start building your Bitcoin Fortune now and learn about Bitcoin as you use the resources in the CryptoTab website.

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