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Every Web Site Needs Traffic

No matter the nature of your web site, you’ll want to have as much traffic running through it as possible. Granted, you might actually be running a self contained site whose only purpose is to help you sell to a certain niche crowd, so you figure that you DON’T need traffic generators because the only traffic you need to attract is the people from your target market right? Wrong. No matter how specialized your website is, you can always benefit from additional traffic running through it. There are several reasons for this, ranging from simple common sense to ideas which should help you make more money if you implement them.

First off, no matter how specialized your website may be, added attention from other people may still matter one way or another. For all you know, a greater interest in your product, topic, or whatever else your website is presenting may crop up from people who formerly had no interest in the subject matter whatsoever, just because they visited your site and liked what they saw. This leads them to find others who ARE into the subject matter to ask more about it. Naturally, when they ask these people (usually in forums) about them, they also get asked how they heard about the subject matter. Voila! Your website’s name pops up, and if anyone on those forums hasn’t heard about your site before, they have now…

Another reason you’ll want more traffic coming to your site is that a lot of popular search engines not only rely on word-matching to place a website higher on their hierarchy. They also check the number of most recent hits on a site within a given time period. Basically, the higher the number of hits you’ve gotten, the higher you get placed on the search engine’s profile. This is a fact that is actually overlooked by quite a number of websites, who think that having key words “designed” for a website’s search patterns are enough to significantly increase their rank on the hierarchy.

On a money-making aspect, there are also quite a few websites which earn additional revenue simply by getting visitors to look at their website. While not everyone opts for this, it’s generally a good idea to take into consideration. Earning even just a little bit of extra revenue for something as simple as adding links to other websites on your site can be a low maintenance and effortless way to get money. Still, this assumes you can work out a deal with another site to begin with – and this is where having a high volume of traffic comes in. Sites which offer payments to other sites for posting links to theirs generally give better terms to those which have high volumes of traffic to begin with. If you have low traffic and suddenly decide to go this route, you might find yourself with stricter terms, like getting paid only when people click the links to their sites AND purchase something. Whereas if you are a high traffic site, you might be able to work out getting paid per visitor to YOUR site as long as you post banners and ads for their site too. Generally, the higher your volume of traffic the more bargaining power you’ll have.

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