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Drive Traffic to your Website using YouTube

One of the most popular websites today must be YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing website wherein members are allowed to upload their personal clips and have other people view them. YouTube is very popular because it uses video – videos that have a tremendous pull when it comes to traffic and a regular stream of visitors.

Now your website could be another YouTube. You can create a website as popular as YouTube just by using videos. Or you can use the popularity of YouTube to brush some of it to your site. All you have to do is to create or use videos. And everything else will come naturally.

Videos have been proven to create the necessary impact to your site. It is a very potent tool to drive traffic to your pages. And it works to two ways. Use of the two suggestions below and start using YouTube videos to make your site as popular as you would like it to be.

1. Uploading videos to your site. People like to watch something new, something funny, and something interesting. Use videos to capture the attention of your audience. With today’s internet world, static web pages are slowly becoming a history. People want something moving. People want interactivity. And you can provide all of that through videos. A simple 2 to 3-minute video should do the trick for you. Record a video clip that would provide your visitors the information they need without going through your site page by page. Some people would like to hear data rather read them. But more than that, videos give spice to your site. It provides your site with something to look forward to. Playing videos gives your visitors something more to check out. It can be used to provide proof that your product is indeed working. A simple video of testimonials of satisfied customers would give you and your products a big advantage over your next best competitor. If you really want to increase traffic to your site, try uploading original videos that people can’t resist. They would surely come running to your site just to check out what the buzz is all about. People would like to get ahead with the times. And if it an internet video that’s making noise, they would surely want to watch it for themselves. If it’s in your site, you are going to be the lucky recipient of all that traffic.

2. Upload videos to popular video sharing sites. This is where sites like YouTube come in. YouTube is a video sharing community that has millions of members from all over the world. If you want to delegate some of the traffic YouTube is getting day in and day out, you could simply add your own special video to YouTube and invite others to watch it. As they watch it, they would find out who made it if it was really good. And in your profile, you can conveniently put your website’s URL so that they can know more about you. That way, people will begin to click the homepage you placed in there. Your website would definitely gain traffic as you invite your viewers to watch more videos directly to the site you have created it for. These are the two ways to drive traffic to your site using videos. Try them today. It could just be the only boost you needed for your website.

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