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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

The most frustrating thing about starting in affiliate marketing is the… NOT KNOWING.

Not knowing… if you’re doing it wrong.

Not knowing… if you should stop or persist.

Not knowing… if you selected the right niche/product to promote.

Not knowing… if you picked the right traffic strategy.

Not knowing… if there’s a better way you don’t know about.

Not knowing… who to trust.

That’s why I’ve been watching fewer YouTube videos and attending fewer webinars lately.

They’re inspiring, but give you no useful plan to follow.

I figured the only way to get a specific step-by-step action plan is to follow and learn directly from people who have become full-time affiliate marketers like my buddy Igor.

In this really cool new video Igor just released you can see and understand how he’s taking students from nothing to their 1st affiliate commission in just 30 days. Sometimes, in 10 days. It depends on the student

What’s clear, though, is that in the last years he’s been pretty consistent at helping people start and scale affiliate businesses from scratch. It’s clear by all the case studies he shares in this new video he released

What I find most impressive is how he’s got case studies that are:

Male and female

English speaking and non-English speaking

Middle class income earners and below middle class income earners (not one of his students started out with a large capital or anything)

Young and old It’s like he knows a universally-effective way to get people started in affiliate marketing.

See for yourself, just Click Here!

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