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6 Proven Methods to Get Traffic to Your Website

Walk up to any business owner or internet marketer and ask them what they would like to have and chances are, they’ll reply with “more customers.” In order to get more customers, the website owner will need to get more traffic to their website.

(Traffic converts to customers). Okay, so what is the best method to get traffic? That is exactly what we’re going to tell you below …

High-Volume, Low-Competition Keywords

You can use Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and enter some relevant phrases or words. From there, pick one of the keyword ideas so that you can see hundreds of ideas. I recommend filtering the list by the following metrics: Keyword Difficulty – This is the ranking difficulty of the keyword – it is between zero to a hundred.

Search Volume – This will show you how many times the keyword has been searched in Google within the month.

Get Social

If you’re not a social person, then it’s time to be one … At least in the online world. One of the best ways to get more traffic to your website is to use social media channels in order to promote your content. Twitter is a great place to start, but you can also use Facebook and Instagram. Just look into social media marketing and see what it’s all about.

Social media is one of the best free marketing tools you can use and it does play a major role in driving traffic to your website. Go ahead and use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your page.

Write Catchy Headlines

Headlines are just as important as the content itself. Even the best blogs and emails will go unread if they don’t have catchy headlines. So, before you hit that publish/send button, think carefully about the title.

Go ahead and Target Those Long-Tail Keywords

Okay, so you got your popular and high-intent keywords covers. Now it’s time for you to move forward and cover those long-tail keywords. If you’re not targeting those long-tail keywords, then you’re really missing out on traffic.

Reach Out and Grab Some Referral Traffic

Instead of trying to push other sites to link back to you from their site, try creating content that is begging to have people link to it.

Get Listed in Online Directories

Another good way to get more traffic flowing to your website would be to get listed in free online directories as well as review sites. You will need to have your profile linking to your site, so getting positive reviews is a great way to increase web traffic. Many directories, such as Yelp have a good domain authority on Google.


Getting more website visitors isn’t something that just happens overnight. This is something that is going to take some time and some effort on your behalf. In the end, just remember content is king and not just any content … You need to have high quality content posted on your site on a routine basis. Think about it, without content, why would anyone want to visit your site in the first place?

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