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5 Steps to Working Only 30 Minutes a Day

Let’s get right to it, because I truly just want to “work” 30 minutes per day and I am sure you do too.

So here are 5 things you need to do if you want to make a 30 minute workday happen for you too…

Step #1: Use the Partner or Affiliate Model

This by far the simplest and fastest way for you to pretty much instantly create a profitable business.

Let me tell you if you have to spend every day creating products, managing membership, dealing with customer service, writing sales pages and building funnels, there is no way you will be able to have a 30 minute workday, period.

On top of that, you’ll have to learn all of that stuff and be competent at it, which is both time consuming and can be expensive.

When you follow the affiliate model all of that work is done for you.

And when all of that is done for you, there are only three simple things you need to do daily to “work” 30 minutes a day or less.

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Step #2: Focus on making RESIDUAL INCOME

If you want to build what is frequently called a FREEDOM business…

A business that will allow you to create money, time and freedom at the same time…

Residual Income is the Key!

If you are only creating money when you have to be working, that is not residual income, what you have is a 2nd job!

Let’s be honest here, you don’t want stacks of money lying around the house, do you? Well, we all wouldn’t mind that but that is not the main issue here.

You want endless time and a lifestyle of freedom to be able to use that money however YOU choose!

Residual Income is how to get and STAY free.

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Step #3: Focus ONLY on Money Making Skills

OK, let’s get one thing straight.

Even in a business model as highly automated as the partner/affiliate model…

You Still Need SKILLS to be Successful Long Term!

The great thing about the affiliate model, is that you only need to focus on two things:

  • Getting Traffic (people) to your offers and Building your Customer Base.
  • Following up with your customer base in a way that Makes Them psychologically want to purchase from you.

Anything else in this model is not only un-necessary, but it will slow you down for your main goal.

And if you’re like most aspiring affiliates, it will completely kill your online business.

There is too much to cover in a single blog post, but just know that you only need to focus on those 2 things.

If you find yourself doing anything else, Please Stop!

The Free Book has Traffic and Follow up in it

Step #4: Plug Your Customers into a Supportive COMMUNITY

Because I tend to do tasks on my own and many times learn the hard way, this one was the hardest for me to learn but a very important one.

So here is the bottom line…

Your customers are going to need help, support, guidance, etc. to keep paying you for your residual offers, products, services, etc.

If you choose, you can spend all day providing that for them or…

You can recommend this special community to them that has an amazing community support already built in and thriving. It is truly awesome!

The main criteria for my recommendation is that it MUST have an amazing, supportive community that is not just helpful…

But it has what people Love, Need and Never want to leave.

Because what good is residual income if your customers aren’t sticking around long term?

Here is a HUGE TIP to Save You from Looking Like a Jerk:

Do Not dump people into online communities and never contribute.

That is kind of a jerk move so don’t make that mistake.

Be a helpful member of the supportive community that you are recommending.

Spend a small amount of your time inside the community helping and serving.

When everyone inside the community does a small part each day,

everyone can live free and happy…

This is my Favorite Community on the Planet

Step #5: Automate, Automate, Automate with Simple Tools

Not automating means you are doing WAY more work.

Being in todays’ tech and digital age there is no excuse as almost anything can and should be automated.

The best part is YOU can actually automate your entire 30 Minute Workday lifestyle using 2 simple tools.

In fact, for this business, you only set up 2 simple pages using these tools which takes about 10 minutes (at most) to do ONE TIME…

Then all you have to do is focus on the two things in step #3 above.

These two tools will successfully run your business nearly 100%.

Again, this is truly awesome…

Here are a couple of BONUS TIPS about the tools you will use:

  • They cost as little as $40 a month to use.
  • They are BOTH sources of Residual Income!

Click Here to See What We Use

And it is truly as simple as that!

Just focus on those 5 steps and you too can enjoy a 30 Minute Workday.

I’ve been using this model since last May and I actually made 2 sales within the first 2 hours of being set up and starting my push button traffic.

Just half the year using these steps has resulted in over $12,000…

It has been such a great start for me as I see how powerful and successful you can be with these proven steps…

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